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23 December 2009

A quiet day...

Today has been a very quiet day around here. Nothing to panic about since all the shopping and baking is finished. What a wonderful day it has been. The only things that have been happening is reading Christmas stories, putting cookies plates together for our neighbors and knitting. Exciting, huh.

As I was sitting in the living room enjoying some yarn time, I noticed how the sun was streaming into the room onto the tree. The whole tree lit up with all the brilliant sunlight beaming on to it. The ornaments looked so pretty. And the tinsel sparkled like diamonds as the slightest bit of air moved them around. Then I quickly jumped up to show pictures of the ornaments we bought this year. Every year (except for last year) we go pick out new "Old World Christmas" ornaments to add to the tree. This years collection clearly had a "woodsie" theme going on. That's clearly right up our alley. I'm the only one who strayed from the theme.

The beautiful Santa that I picked out
a wonderful moose for Brenna
Em's lovely purple glittery bird
Brenna's little hedgehog
a glittery purple present for Em
(maybe she strayed also)
a beautiful timber wolf for Glenn
and last, a handsome glittery frog for Brendon
Wonderful choices for the tree. I wonder how long it will take to fill the tree up with our lovely collections?

Then there was alot of reading going on while letting the hours pass by. Every year there seems to be another addition to our Christmas library so it takes a little longer to get through them all. But who cares as long as there is quality cuddly, snuggly time going on. Below are a few of the favorites of the girls. The illustrations are wonderful as they pull you into the stories. All the wonderful colors, characters, etc. Very magical stories. Our favorite this year is "The Snowman". Remember there are no words in this story, so one must use their imagination through out the book. Love it! Brenna will just sit and look through the pages for hours if you let her. I found the dvd movie that was made about this book and it is just as wonderful! The artwork and music that was put into it is truly magical. The movie has become our favorite this year also. So if you have wee ones running around the house I do suggest that you get this for them. FABULOUS!!!
With that, I must go. Hungry people staring at me you know. And then after warm and cuddly pj's are on, there will be a few more Christmas shows to watch. Maybe "The Snowman" again. Nothing better I tell you. I love it when things are relaxed and you just go with the flow. I'm sure hoping there will be many more Christmas's like this one.


  1. Karfee!!! Sounds like a wonderful day! I hope mine will be a little calmer tomorrow. Today we got silly and made gingerbread men and snowmen and it was nuts I tell ya!! But FUN! I am fighting off a cold, and hope it doesn't go full blown. Still have stuff to accomplish, but all is well! Love your NT hat!! And your snow is so lovely!

    You're a delight to me, Kar, and I wish all of the bestest kind of wonderfulness this Christmas, and in the new year to come!!
    Love and hugs,

  2. dear kar,
    what a wonderful christmas tree you have.i love
    the santa ornament,
    i am so happy that the card arrived before christmas and i am so lucky that you like the little silver heart.

    i wish you and your family a wonderful christmas
    hugs and kisses,

  3. Here's to lots more snuggly reading days with your kids! I LOVED days like that. I agree, The Snowman is a great book.

  4. Kar, I hope you have a lovely cozy Christmas! Your tree is beautiful!

  5. LOVE your blog!
    Its so Beautiful!!
    I am a knitter,crocheter and Idaho resident as well!
    Just popping by to 'snoop' and wish you a very Merry Christmas:)

  6. Popping by to wish you happy holidays. What a beautiful Christmas tree and ornaments you have! I like the timber wolf, he looks happy and friendly. :-)

    Merry Christmas!