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14 December 2009

What a wonderful weekend!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a wonderful, slow, enjoyable one with Glenn home on his long weekend. So very nice. Only a couple of trips out to the stores. The rest of the time we were just lounging around and letting the day just happen. Lots of snacky foods, watching the snow fall, taking in our Christmas shows, etc. Very FAB!

Yesterday there was just enough snow to go to the nearby hill to get some sledding in before things melt. We are suppose to be above freezing here for the rest of the week. So the girls were out at the hill for about 2 hours seeing if they could spin around as they were "flying" down the hill. They would take turns on the Super Duper Saucer to see how far they went down the hill before stopping. They kept saying it felt like they were on the saucer from the movie "Christmas Vacation". Trust me I saw no flames coming out the back and nothing was sprayed on the bottom. I love that scene in the movie! Just about hurt myself laughing so hard every time I watch it. What a CLASSIC!!!!

So after two hours of fun in the snow, it was back home to dry off, warm up and take a nap. Yes, there were two tired little girls after all that fun. Could barely wake them for dinner. I guess it's a sign that they had a blast.

Today starts our Christmas break. I'm letting the girls handle the schedule as to what is planned for the day. Apparently today there will be some banana chocolate chip muffins being made and a couple of foam gingerbread houses to be created. I think I will sit by and work on Glenn's hat since that wasn't finished over the weekend.

I also wanted to let all the followers know that I have been reading your blogs and have enjoyed them alot for the past few weeks. But when it comes to commenting on them, Blogger has not been so cooperative. Every time I go to comment on all the wonderful vintagey Christmas decor, crooked trees, gifts made, etc., Blogger hangs up and nothing gets posted. Who knows. I get frustrated and walk away. So do know that I am reading about all your wonderful happenings. I'm just not able to comment on them every time. I'm wondering if some of the lag has to do with all the great blog decor that is it out there on some of the blogs. Who knows again.

Anyhoo, we are wishing everyone a great day! Stay comfy and cozy out there!


  1. I love the pictures, the girls are simply adorable!
    It seems like you guys had a blast, that's wonderful.
    Have an awesome week!

  2. Fun times sledding...We had a wonderful weekend spending time with family.

  3. Looks like your girls had a great time sledding (brrrr, it looks cold!) What a good mom you are! Hope you have a fun Christmas break & lots more cozy family days.

  4. p.s. re the commenting problem -- on blogger I've been finding that it won't process my comment unless I make sure I add an extra space at the end of my comment. I can't figure it out, but try adding the extra space at the end of your comment. Puzzling!

  5. So much fun! I'm laughing right now remembering that scene from Christmas Vacation. Totally a classic that I laugh through every year.

  6. Looks like such fun, Karfee!! I would love to do something like that!! We have started our break, too. YAY!!! I will be crossing things off my list this weekend and winding things down!! I am really looking forward to Christmas Day, but I am also looking forward to the new year!!

    Praying that it is all a blessing for you my fun friend. Have a delightful Friday and weekend!!
    Love and hugs,