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28 December 2009

The next creation...

After much rooting around amongst the masses of yarn and patterns, I decided on the Pimlico Shrug. I've had this sitting in the "que" on Ravelry but have been moving other things in front of it for a few months. So after sitting on the floor for quite some time, with all the yarny piles around me, I finally said enough already. No more monkeying around. Just grab the yarn and needles and plow right into it.

I must admit that after seeing all the projects on Ravelry and reading how many knitters had problems figuring out the pattern, I was nervous. Would I be able to figure it out? The first three rows, simple. Purl, knit purl. On to row 4. No problem, I thought. Until I got started on row 5 and when placing the yo's, things just didn't look right. This project was going to kick my tail, I thought. There were alot of "CRUMBS" and "For the Love of Pete" being said for a while. So after a few stitches on the 5th row I decided to rip things back to the beginning of the 4th row, one stitch at a time. I wasn't going to drop a stitch and totally monkey up the whole beginning of the project. So I sat and read the pattern again, trying to picture the stitches in my head as I was looking at the picture in the book. Then the light went on and all things were good. There are times when you must step back, take a breath and begin again. After the second try I was the one who came out kicking tail. A silly little pattern was not going to get the best of me.
So here is what I have accomplished so far after completing on full repeat (16rows) and started on the next one. Not bad I must admit. Only time will tell with how the whole thing turns out. I'll keep you posted on if there is any more tail kicking going on.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was GRAND! Quiet, peaceful, relaxing. Some would think boring. But it was right up our alley. There were some hairy, scary moments though with two little girls trying out their new roller skates they got from Santa. After a few times of feet flying into the air while on the wood floor (while Glenn and I were holding them up), they were banished to the family room on the carpet. At least the carpet slows them down and it's a bit more cushy. There were a few times where they escaped to the wood floor to exclaim "I'm getting really good" then only to be followed by a thump on the floor. Then you would see two wee people crawling across the floor heading downstairs for the family room. Glenn and I were giggling quietly amongst ourselves. Everyone had a great time with all their gifts from Santa. Glenn couldn't get enough of his PS3. The hockey game was a blast! Very detailed! I haven't seen any blood on the ice yet though. Just not a good ole' hockey game without it you know. The girls of course have their skates on the whole time they are awake. And I sat and enjoyed my new knitting books, Itty Bitty Nursery and Itty Bitty Toys. I just love Susan's patterns! They are packed full of fun and color. These two go great with her book Itty Bitty Hats. They are the other reason I picked the shrug to knit. Because once I start digging into these books, I don't think I'll quit for a while! :)

Especially since I just found out that I'm going to be an Auntie again in August!!! My little brother and his wife are expecting!! I'm so thrilled! So you know the drill... I must do my part on keeping all these wee one's looking good with lots of cute things to wear.

On that note, I must go make some progress on the shrug while things are quiet for the moment. Hope everyone is having a FAB day!


  1. That will beautiful...please be sure and let us see this when you are finished.

  2. Wow, your needles and hooks really don't get much of a break! And now I see why doctors recommend activities such as knitting for brain stimulation. I know the shrug will be beautiful, and that's such a lovely shade of green. Looking forward to the new baby items!!!

  3. I can't wait to see that shrug completed, it will be beautiful, I am sure.
    Lucky new baby, will have some beautiful handmade items from his auntie!!

  4. Thank you so much for blogging about your moments of knitting frustrations!!
    There are many "for the love of pete" being said when I am knitting too:)
    But,its so worth it!
    And your project is going to be lovely!!
    Happy New Year!!