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07 December 2009

The first snow!

You will have to forgive the poor pictures of our first measurable snow of the season. I didn't think that the neighbors would truly appreciate the sight of me in my pj's while taking pictures of this beautiful sight. It was a surprise to wake up this morning with Glenn to check the weather report and the only news was how slick the roads were and how many accidents were already on the roads. It still puzzles me to no end as to why people (who live in an area that always gets snow in the winter) just seem to forget how to drive in this kind of weather. ??????

The girls already have plans to go out after lessons and play in what they can. I don't think they will have too big of a problem being that there is at least 3" out there and more is falling. I've already plopped myself in front of my bedroom window and just sat and watched it come down for quite some time. I can just imagine how beautiful it looks up in the mountains right now.

Hence the running behind today. Oh well, life goes on.

It's very beautiful snow. Light and fluffy. Like powdered sugar sprinkled over everything. You can see the design of the flakes even with them laying on top of each other. Absolutely gorgeous!

I started on Em's slippers last night and have gotten about 1/2 halfway with both of them. I'm going to make hers a wee bit bigger also, just so that I'm not making more in a couple of months.
Brenna's were finished before dinner last night. She was trying them out to see if she could do ballet any better than before. Apparently they work she says. Who knows. :)
I couldn't resist sitting down this morning after Glenn left to watch the movie that was rented over the weekend. It was nice to take advantage of the quiet in the house while the girls were still sleeping. I don't watch movies much because I can't stand interruptions and I don't like zoning out in front of the boob tube. So anyhoo, I watched "The Proposal" and loved it. You must see it.

Well, off for the rest of a grand day around here. You can bet I will be out trying to get some better pics of the snow. Can't wait to see if there will be some great photo ops tonight with the lights on. That's my favorite! And just standing in the quiet listening to the snow fall. Is there anything better? Not for now. :) I'll be thinking of all the Christmas songs from Charlie Brown while I'm out there enjoying the lights and snow.

Have a great, cozy day everyone!


  1. Lucky you! Just perfect to get you in to the Christmas spirit.I wonder when we will get some??? Love the colours in picture 3!
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. Wow Karfee!! Love your snow pics!! Show us more...show us more!! The colors in Em's slippers are too cute!! They must LOVE all the stuff you make for them! I wish I still had some of the dresses and stuff Mom made for me. I do have 2 afghans that she made. What treasures!

    I didn't get much decorating done, because that wreath gave me a little bit of a fit, but it sure turned out pretty. Very blingy for sure!!
    My friend loved it. Tomorrow I will tackle the rest of the decorating. Put on some Christmas music, a pot of coffee, and have a ball!

    Enjoy your snow! Maddy would love to see some!!
    Love n hugs,