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18 December 2009

Friday!! Already?

Where has the week gone? We've been having way too much fun around here I tell you.
Reading Christmas stories, crafting, baking, watching Christmas movies, etc. You get the idea.
I finished Glenn's hat and had a wonderful little model show it off for pics. It's so darn cute! I found a pattern on Ravelry and ended up changing it a bit for my liking. I made felt eyes instead of sewing buttons on. Much better, if I may say so myself. Glenn took it to work today to wear. We'll see what kind of comments he gets. He said that people will probably think he's a fruitcake. I don't think so. Wouldn't you smile if you saw someone wearing this, walking towards you? You know you would! The ears kill me because they shake a bit when you walk. Awesome!!!
I got Brendon's hat done. Now there's only the little headband to make to go with it. What will it be? You will just have to check back to see. :)
There's been lots a craftyness going on around here.

Gingerbread houses that can be kept for a long time.

And little gingerbread people requiring no oven time. Love it! The girls are just a bit peeved that there are more girls than boys in the kit. They say that there is a conspiracy against boys and they got jipped. At least they are cute hanging on the tree downstairs.
Must be off now. Lots to do again today. A little bowling to get out and stretch the legs and spend time with friends. And afterwards, back to the kitchen for some more flying flour and sugar. There are still more cookies to make. I still don't know how I got conned into 8 different kinds of cookies this year. There must have been lots of little eyes batting around here when deciding the list. Anyhoo, I'll be back to share in all of that doughy fun.

I hope you are all in the Christmas spirit by now. Have fun!


  1. Oh, Kar, I love that hat! Don't tell me the ears shake when you walk! I definitely would smile if I saw someone wearing it. :-)

    Have fun baking!

  2. Both hats are cute! Your hubby is such a good sport and all festive and all. Too cute. And I love that shade of green in the other hat. I bet you smile while you bake. I think I'll call you the "Cookie Queen"! :-) Enjoy your weekend.

  3. The hat is so cute, I would end up with a HUGE grin if I saw someone wearing it. I am sure a "Merry Christmas" would follow, even to a stranger