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26 February 2009

Crochet ripple & goodies for the bath decor...

First off, I must mention how much the hit counter on my blog jumped yesterday.  Just shy of 300 for one day!  That has never happened before.  WOW!!!  It's kind of neat knowing that so many people are coming to check out my little area of the world.  Neat!!  :D  Now if a good portion of those individuals would comment, I would be giddy.  I like to go to other peoples blogs who took the time to visit and comment on mine.  It always brings me to a rather neat and different piece of the world.  And there are some pretty darn creative people out there that I never knew about, which is nice to find out about.  So if you take the time to visit me, leave me a comment and I will do my darnedest to stop by your world to visit and chat.  :0)

As I said yesterday, I have been collecting things to add to the girls bathroom.  They love bright colors and believe me when I say that bathroom needs the color.  It doesn't have a window to the outside world so anything is welcome when brightening it up.  I'm seriously thinking about having one of those solar tube light sources put in there to help things out.  I just have to get my tail moving at seeing how much it will cost.  Anyhoo, the girls and I found some really neat ribbon the other day when out and about at the fabric store.  And more buttons to add to the bright collection.  I finished the crochet flowers that the girls wanted to go around their mirror but I'm not sure if I want to add leaves yet.  I can make up my mind as I go.  The leaves are a cinch to make and very fast to finish.  So we will see what happens there.  I have to get moving on painting the frames a brighter white so that they stand out from the walls a bit more.  I think the ribbon will pop on them much more with a brighter white.  I just have to decide what to do with the shower curtain.  There is just the one panel and I don't think that I have any more of the same in the stores for a while.  I'm thinking I might add some panel of color around the edges to make the curtain stand out a bit more instead of just being a waffle textured yellow thing just hanging around.  So, we may be making another trip to the fabric store this weekend.  Glenn will love that.
As I was sitting with the girls, after reading time, I could not help but start on a rippley bit of blankie last night.  I am using up all the left over colors from my hexagon blanket.  I may have to get a couple more skeins of a few colors just to make sure I have enough to finish the whole thing.  It will be a great partner to go along with the hexie blankie.  It is quite the sight to see three people all cuddle under the hexie blankie at night.  The girls got into quite the discussion over what color should be next for the ripple and which ones work and which don't.  It is fun to watch their little brains work when they really get into a certain subject.  I am wanting to make a scrap bag but I want it to be made out of cotton yarn because I am afraid that if I use acrylic it will get snagged on something and that would really set me off, and we surely don't want to deal with that.  So I am patiently looking for just the right yarn for that, at a reasonable price.  I'm a bit of a tight wad and can not see spending $7 or more for a very small skein of yarn and it wouldn't go very far.  Especially with all the pretty colors I am thinking about.  So, I am still window shopping.  
So that is what is happening in my neck of the woods at the moment.  A couple of loads of laundry, some vacuuming, a bit of school work, painting frames and let's not forget some cookie baking that will be happening today.  It's a good thing I have plenty of chili leftover from last night for dinner.  'Cause who knows if I would even remember to tackle that if there wasn't anything sitting in the fridge already.  :}  No sun in the forecast today.  Just some rain in the afternoon.  And you know what that means, all the lights will be on in the house today in all the rooms I will be occupying.  Oh, the power company loves me on days like this.  Oh well, the girls and I will just have to have the stereo turned up (after school work) and jig around the house just so we don't end up as three blobs vegging out on the couch, not being very productive.  I've already got the little wheels in my head working on another idea for a blanket.  I get emails from a quilting site, which I love to look at the pictures to see if I can get some ideas from there.  Well, one "slapped" me in the face the other day and so I am looking at what I would need to crochet something similar.  I am not a quilter, but do admire all the beautiful pieces of artwork that come out of that.  I sew, but quilting is just not part of that.  When I get my act together with that idea, I will share!   :0)
I hope everyone has a FAB day where ever you are and don't hesitate to do a little dance to brighten you day.  Just don't hurt yourself.  I don't want to be the blame for any injuries.

Toodles!!!   xxxx


  1. It looks as if we are at the same stage for our ripple blanket.Except I am pulling mine back as I have made a mistake!

  2. love that..300 that makes you famous! that has never happened to me!
    love your stuff..you are good..inside and out! ha..jules..

  3. The flowers are so cute! Would love to see the girls bathroom when it is all finished

  4. Whew girl!! You really got it goin' on!! You run circles around me!! (OK maybe hexies!!) ;o)

    Love seeing all that you're doing and can't wait to see that mirror!!

    Happee Friday!!

  5. Kar~
    What an awesome woman you are!!! All of your beautiful, colorful crochet inspires me! I just love to look at your pictures. I tried to post a comment a few days ago when you showed the finished hexagon blankie and it would never let me. I just want you to know how much I love all of your creativity!
    Have a happy, bright colored, crochet and fun filled weekend!

  6. Thanks for stopping by at the Fairyglade. Have had a quick look at yours and am loving your hex blanket, the colours are so beautiful. I have that on my "to do list", but I have to say that the ripple pattern is so what I want to do next. How is it done though? Do you have a pattern, is it in a book, can you tell me how to do it yourself..please help...DX

  7. loving your crochet flowers - just found your blog and am new to crochet so loving seeing everyone elses crocheting :-) will have a browse through your blog now !
    Lesley x