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12 February 2009

Crochet Happiness!!!!

A scene that just makes a mama burst with pride!  I was so tickled last night when Em came over to me and asked if I would show her again how to get started again with crocheting.  I was tired but oh my little heart warmed.  I couldn't say no to my little sweetpea.  :)
She gave it try a while back and her fingers just didn't want to cooperate with her, so she decided to wait and TRY later.  (see that magic word?) :) 

I'm quite proud of her.  She is making a teeny blanket for her beloved Mr. Bunny.  She said he gets a little chilly at night and she wants to make something for him to stay warm.  The only area that I think he has a problem with holding in heat is around his poor little neck.  If you can tell by this pic from a earlier post, his neck is a little droopy and lacking of fur from all the loves that Em has given him through the years. That is how she always carried him around when she was smaller.  I'm sure Mr. Bunny will be very grateful for the wonderful little blankie Miss Em will create for him.  She gets very excited when she finishes a row and those cute little brown eyes just light up with her accomplishment.  It just me a bit giddy with pride.  Oh the yarn love is spreading.  :D 

Glenn found it funny in these pictures that you could see the fake tattoo Em had to have put on last night after pj's were put on.  He said it makes her look like a Harley biker babe crocheting.  LOL!  It is pretty darn funny.  Brenna is quite proud of her little alien head that is on her hand.  Simple things to make them happy.  At least the tattoos aren't real and they will come off in a couple of days.  Sorry, but the real ones will not be encouraged around here.  Remember "the Wrath of Mom"  :{ LOL!

Well, break time is over and we must get back to the girls lessons for the day.  That way chores can be finished and some MORE cookies can be made!  WOOHOO!!  I know, they are doing nothing for my fluffiness I already have  but who can resist.  And then there is Crochet Time after all that!  It just makes a girl dizzy with happiness!

Have a great day everyone!  And remember, keep on "Trying".  

Toodles!!!   xxxxxx


  1. My eight year old granddaughter wants to learn to knit...I'm hoping that I'll be able to teach her.
    I never minded those fake tattoos, it's the real ones I have a problem with.

  2. YAY for passing on your love of crochet. I thought her tattoo was cute but then I have a real one on my ankle.

  3. Tell Em that I'm rooting for her and think she's doing a fantastic job. Next she can make some hot pads or dishcloths -- then on to other fantastic things like sweaters and hexagon blankets! Right, mom?

  4. I love the pictures of your rosy cheeked little crocheter ~ tatoo and all! You must home school your children. I have a 21 year old daughter I home shcooled. What precious memories. That's when I taught her to crochet also, which she still LOVES to do! She also didn't take to it until the second time she TRIED. I'm with your dad ~ TRY AGAIN!