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09 February 2009

Crochet and cookies...

So over the weekend there was a lot of cookie baking and cookie eating.  I took the easy way out but man were they good!  The girls and  finally finished the Valentine decorations and they look great.  I will take pics tomorrow and post them.  The sun is not out today and I didn't want all those beautiful hearts looking awful.

Along with all the yummy cookies, there was a FAB pot roast to devour for two days.  I thought I was going to have to put on my pig nose it was so good!  Friday night we ended up having a movie and snacks night because our trip up to McCall, Id didn't pan out because of the weather.  But fun was had by all with the movie and eating in the family room ( on blanket).  I have an issue with crumbs and stuff getting on my light carpet down there.  This way the girls say they are having an inside picnic.  Whatever makes their day! :)

Saturday was full of these wonderful little beauties, yummy lemonade, and good ole' comfort food.

And who could forget a few of these lovelies for Valentines!  They are gone now.  They never had a chance with my crew around.  Good thing there is more in the fridge just waiting to go in the oven.  There are only a few chocolate chip cookies left because I keep giving everyone the eye about woofing them down.  I've got my eye on you guys! :)

But lets not forget the most important thing this weekend.  My Blankie!  I'm about halfway done and I can't wait for it to be done.  (pee'ing my pants again)  LOL!!

So a nice, quiet weekend was had by all and lots was accomplished!  Hope yours was the same!



  1. Kar, I can't believe how much you have finished on that blanket -- plus cookies, kids and pot roast. What a woman! I am so impressed. You will have that blanket finished before you know it. It's gorgeous!!!!!!!! I'm not kiddin' -- love it to pieces. I have to admit to being the original Cookie Monster. Yup, he was created in my imagine -- big and full of cookies. I like them homemade, not store bought, and absolutely cannot make them or eat them all. Those look too good to be true -- chomp chomp!

  2. Kar, your hex blanket is coming along beautifully. love all the bright happy colors you've chosen!

  3. The blanket is looking awesome you are really just plugging along on that. I loved your last post...I'm heading back home to do mine now.
    p.s....the cookies look great.

  4. My mouth is watering over the cookies and I'm pee'ing MY pants over that TOO DIE FOR BLANKIE! Beautiful work!!!

  5. The cookies look devine, but that blanket...wowee! It is beautiful! I love to crochet but don't like to weave in ends. That limits me somewhat. You are an inspiration! I'll be back!!

  6. Hi Kar
    I like chocolate chips cookies!!!! I bake also sometimes these cookies,but it is hard chocolate chips to get.But sometimes gives she to xmas in the supermarket,than I buy on stock.
    I think your hexagon blanket will be very gorgeous
    I am thinking my next project get one a hexagon
    It is nice that your middle name Regina is. Speak your mother still German?
    Have you the books from Laura Ingalls Wilder?
    I love these books,very.
    Have a nice day!
    Hugs and love Regina

  7. well now, i had NO IDEA you could actually buy cookie dough? WOW!! I'v never seen it in Uk mind you.

    And oh my, your hexie is looking divine!!! i love love it. the colours with the dinky yellow centres just sing and shine don't you think? Beautiful, you're doing a fabulous job Kar :: sometimes it's not as easy as it looks to do "random" with colour selecting.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, and thanks for your regular visits and comments on my blog, very muhc appreciated.