"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

17 February 2009

Yearning for warmer days...

The weekend went well.  Nice, quiet and a bit cozy.  Things have been a bit hectic lately and it was nice to slow down.  Even Glenn thought he didn't get much done (hiking, picture taking, etc.) but I reminded him that he doesn't slow down very often and it is nice to do that every once in a while and just "veg" out.  This morning we woke up to just a smidge of snow but no it is all gone.  I was starring out the window watching it, a bit mesmerized.  It looked as if "someone" was sprinkling powdered sugar down upon us.  It was just so fine and beautiful.  Peaceful.  I love waking up and seeing things like that first thing.  It some how sets the whole day off in a good way.  It quietens the soul so that you can appreciate things a little more than you normally would.  Just magnificent.
After that bit of beauty, I began thinking about how nice it will be to get back up in the mountains when things do thaw.  Some places will not be able to be explored until June or July, but a good chunk will be ventured out to by end of April.  Below are a couple of places where we like to go for day hikes.  It is so nice to go where you can hear the wind in the trees and hear the "volume" change with the speed of the breezes.  That would be my absolute dreamy, happy place where I could hear the wind in the trees, a little creek babbling near by and all the lovely fresh smells when the sun shines down on things.  I would need no more in life.  Could you imagine the peace and tranquility while creating with lovely, wonderful yarn?  Oh if that dream could come true!

I finished what I had planned for on my hexie blanket.  But as I looked upon my creation, I realized that the sides did not look right.  A hex blanket does not have nice, straight, even edges as you know.  But as I looked at it, I saw that one side had less hexies than the other side.  I have 14 in one row and 13 in another.  So that being my design plan, I have to make sure that both outer edges have the same amount of hexies so that it doesn't drive me insane for the rest of my life.  I do have issues.  Having my blanket masterpiece be all "wonky" would be detrimental to my happiness and not to mention my sanity.  And why put my peeps through any more torture than what they must endure on a daily basis.  It would be so cruel.  So I have 14 more hexies to go and then on to the border, which I will be picking the colors out for today or tomorrow.  So hopefully, in a few days the Masterpiece will finally be done.  Cross your fingers.  You never know what might happen.  Not to mention I have my eyes on another project after this!   Stay tuned.....

Off to finish things before we must go to our PE group.  I'm thinking homemade spaghetti will be so tasty tonight with warm bread sticks and salad with it being a bit damp and chilly out.  And maybe a batch of warm, gooey, chocolaty brownies will hit the spot afterwards while reading and snuggling up with the little peeps.  Good times.  Enjoy your day and don't forget to stop a soak up all the beautiful, simple things around you.  :D

Toodles my friends!

(sorry for the update.  I left a few words out and I can not go on knowing that I sound like a "doofus" ) :)


  1. I share your heart when it comes to surrounding myself with nature!! Be it the mountains or the beach...or even a pristeen lake...I'd be thrilled with any of them!! Maybe one day!! Who knows??!!

    Hope you can deliver your blanket from it's wonkiness!! ;o)

    Have a great day!

  2. I have finished all my mitered pieces for my blanket but now have to put them together in fours and block them. I hate that part. :( It keeps me from doing more of this type of afghan. I love doing the bits and pieces but then when it's time to put it together, I sigh and sigh and sigh. You'd think I dreaded doing it -- cuz I do!

    Can't wait to see yours all finished.

  3. Sounds very relaxing and wonderful! I do love a peaceful snow. I hope you get to venture to the mountains soon to enjoy the smells and the sounds. Good day! Liz

  4. Can I come into your dream?...It sounds wonderful. I'm sure your blanket will turn out fine...but I know what you mean, I changed a few things on my carpetbag from the original pattern.
    I'm enjoying your peaceful photos.