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05 February 2009

Crochet hexagons and a bit of cheeriness...

Well, first of all I have to say thank you to Cindy at Cindy Crochets for the FAB blog award she gave me!  You are too kind Cindy!  I am speechless being that I don't think I am doing anything too spectacular around here except for just living the way I want and doing things that make me happy and hopefully bringing my kids up to be happy little peeps also.  (I'm taking a bow).  Thanks again. :)

So here are my 5 FAB choices:
It was very hard choosing let me tell you.  Maybe I should have given one to everyone I follow!  :)  Well, one to other news.  Above you can see my progress on my blankie.  I just love sitting in my room in the beautiful sunshine while the girls are busy with their important things of the day.  I love having reading time in there too.  It's warm and cozy in there.  Perfect with all the pillows and blankies and a good book.

Brenna was busy with her Valentines and adding her name to the back of them yesterday.  She's got one more day of work and she will be done with them.  Today will be filled with hanging the other decorations around where the girls want them.  Those plans got pushed back with the bread baking and cookies  that were made yesterday.  Hopefully we can stay focused today and get things done.  We will see.  Please don't make bets.  I don't want to be responsible for anyone losing money  or anything. :)

With the past few days of nice temps (40F) I have been thinking about spring sitting in my warm sun filled room.  I thought I would share I few of my fav pics of spring.  I have tons so it is hard to choose these also.  I love my lilacs I have planted around my front and back yards.  I wish I could find more spots for more!  I just might have too! :)  I just love all the green and flowers that pop up every where.  Oh the colors!  (drooling!)  I just can't wait.  I may pee my pants.  It does seem I have a problem with that don't I!  LOL!  I'm easily amused you know and simple things is all it takes.

I can't wait for all the wonderful birds and butterflies to visit my yard.  Love it!  I can sit in the back and watch for hours if left alone.  But that doesn't happen often. :)  Anyway the pic is from a butterfly exhibition that was at our zoo a couple of years ago.  It was so much fun to see.  All the little pretties fluttering around and landing on us.  So awesome!!!  Hope you enjoy the pics today and my bit of rambling.  I can some of the cookies calling me and I must go make them stop! :)  I'm not very strong willed with them today.  Much too YUMMY!
Hope  everyone is having a FAB day!  Come back for more craziness later!  I know there will be tons to talk about!  xxxx


  1. Thank you so much Kar, you are so sweet. Your blanket is coming along great. I just ordered some yarn online (never done that before) to make a knitted felted Labyrinth Carpetbag and I can't wait to get started. I have to knit 10 hexagon patterns together....you have got me starting to like hexagons. Oh, man 40°s sounds like heaven. I think we're supposed to be getting warmer weather next week...lets hope.

  2. Thanks so much for the FAB award, very very much appreciated. Its good to spread a lil love around blogland, I like all the inspirational connections that spark too and fro. Tis Fab!
    Thanks again Kar, you are a sweetie

  3. Your hex blanket looks like it is going really fast. I can't wait for warmer weather, we are suppose to be up to 39 today. HEAT WAVE!!!!

  4. YOU SWEET THING! An award? For me? Oh Kar,thanks. Your blanket is coming together so beautifully. Be sure and take pictures of your Valentine decorations when the girls finish with them.