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19 February 2009

the Crochet Hexies are done!

I have now completed all of the hexies for my beautiful blankie!!  There is no more wonkiness on the sides.  Both sides match and don't look like it was all thrown together.  It had to look like there was some kind of method to my madness.  I don't anyone thinking that I'm not put all together you know.  :)  There are no exact matches with the hexies.  Each one is different.  I tried to be as random as possible but when I got to a certain point in making this masterpiece I had to take a look at what had been done to make sure there were no two alike.  Very important to me.  Remember, I do have issues that "we" don't want to deal with.  :)  I'm sure therapy would not help.  It would be a BIG waste of money because I wouldn't want to change my ways!  LOL!!  Anyhoo....
I just love looking at the "Sea of Hexies".  So darn pretty with all the lovely colors.  This project was a big break from the norm for me.  I am usually a bit of a "matchy-matchy" kind of a girl.  Things normally have to "fit" in with the rest of the things I may have in a room.  This is a whole new way of doing things for me.  And I owe it all to Lucy (take a bow dear).  :)  I love adding the bright, beautiful colors into the mix of things around my house.  And I absolutely LOVE how when I walk into the room this is sitting in for the moment and the colors just jump out and smack you in the face.  It doesn't leave bruises though, thank goodness.  Try explaining that!  I have made up a whole new list of things to do with bright, lovely colors.  Bags, flowers, more blankies, etc....  It is becoming a long list.
Isn't it so completely awesome looking across this "sea of color"?  While working on the hexies, I would really have to control myself with the urge of dropping everything that was on my daily to-do list, plopping down next to they yarn basket and just crocheting the day away.  Could you imagine what this house would look like if I did nothing but crochet all day long?  Not nice.  And then I would have problems with dealing with the house being Yucko.  I would be in a bad mood and my peeps would have to deal with me.  Not pretty.  Don't get me wrong, I do not have everything in marked spaces and all that.  But I don't like the house getting out of hand where days are spent getting it back together.  Anyhoo, I'm rambling on again. :/  Back to the super duper, awesome possum colors (as the girls would say).  All these super dupery colors just grab a hold to me, brightens my day and makes me want to dance.  It doesn't take much to make this girl happy when yarn is in the mix.  Forget the jewelry and stuff.  Just give me pretty YARN!!!
And to think it all started with the lovely bright pink hexie above.  Wonderful!!!  Now let's take a moment to mention that the entire blankie is not totally finished.  I still have to finish the edges so that they look all lovely also.  It will be similar to what Lucy did with her blankie.  The two colors I will be using are the jazzy blue and purple pictured below.  I just don't think it would nice at all without being properly finished and all.  Kind of like going outside and not being totally dressed.  Not that I've done that before mind you.  Just saying.  LOL!!!
Well, I must be off to go get dinner going.  You know the drill; must get everything done so that I'm not busy doing other things all night long and not able to get back to my blankie!  The horror!!  I'd have nightmares!!!
On the menu tonight ... Country fried steak smothered in gravy.  Man, is that some good eatin'.  Especially for this southern girl.  I could eat so much I would hurt myself.  This is the recipe with the brown gravy that you serve on the steaks and with rice on the side.  That is how it is made in the "deep South".  The recipe with the white cream gravy comes from the Texas area.  Don't get me wrong.  I love both!!  But it is nice to have the memories I have with each of the recipes.  The brown gravy recipe so reminds me of when I grew up in South Carolina.  I'm drooling now.  So before I make a mess of myself, I must go and get my tail in gear.  I will have to go and check to see if I have green beans to go with it all.  The way I make green beans with the steaks is:  green beans, chopped onion, chopped bacon and little red potatoes cut up, chicken broth, salt & pepper.  Put them in a big pot with a can of chicken broth and cook them on a medium simmer for about an hour till the potatoes are done.  Just make sure the liquid doesn't cook completely off so nothing sticks.  Keep checking on it.  I've got to go so that I can stuff myself till I can't move!   :D
Have a great evening everybody!!

(sorry for the edit.  I left out some info!  Oops!  :} )


  1. I am lost for words. I can't believe you made this for ME! It's beautiful. Would you like me to send you money for the postage to ship it to ME? LOL. It's gorgeous, Kar.

  2. Beautiful! Now I want to make one, too. Did you have all those colors on hand? I am not sure mine would be so colorful. Where did you get your hexie pattern? Not that I don't have lots of other projects on my list, but I do need color! Have a great day! Liz

  3. All those beautiful colors made a beautiful blanket. You and your family will get a lot of enjoyment from the blanket.

  4. I'm so excited for you Kar! You did it! And it's GORGEOUS!!! I'm like you ~ just give me YARN!
    The colors are a feast for the eyes.

  5. I'm with you!! It makes me happy just to look at it!! You did a great job!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!!
    Blessings, Becky

  6. Just beautiful!!!!!! How did you keep track of not duplicating any? Job well done my friend.

  7. This is such a gorgeous afghan! I love how the colors pop out at you...I agree, looking at it every day would make me happy, too!

    Would you mind sharing where you got the pattern???


  8. Hello Kar, I was hoping I could get your help. I am trying the hexies but mine seem to want to curl. They look like the begining of a beanie hat!? Any suggestions? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Liz missliz92 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  9. oh wow....it looks radiant, happy, beautiful, joyous.
    Wonderful job Kar, it really is a fabulous work of art you've created there. You'll have many years of enjoyment out of it I'm sure, i still get a buzz seeing my own blankets when I walk in to the room, the life the spirits like nothing else.
    so........the BIG question.......whats next? You made the hexie in super quick time, I am v impressed with your dedication :o)
    Will be putting a little small crochet pattern on the Attic24 bloglett tomorrow...