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13 February 2009

Crochet goodness and more ...

Today has been a pretty darn good day here in my little piece of Idaho.  The sun has been hiding behind clouds on and off most of the day but at least it started out nice and bright.  Even though not much sleep was to be had last night for myself (who knows), I still woke up in a cheery mood.  Which was good for all.  I'm not the most pleasant peep in the world when overly tired.  I get really cranky or really giddy silly when tiredness sets in.  So I guess all is well in the world being somehow I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.  :)  There have been days when the days have started with everyone whispering so that they don't get cranky Mom started.  Sorry peeps!  :/

I am nearly finished with my most colorful yarnirific masterpiece.  I am "peeing my pants" in hoping to be done this weekend with the hexies.  When I get this close to finishing a big project everyone in the house are pretty good about giving me my "finishing" space.  I don't think they like getting the "eye", if you know what I mean.  :)  I was a bit worried for the last few nights that the lovely blankie would not be as big as I wanted it to be and I would have to add to the length.  But after putting it on my bed for better judgement, I am pleased with how it is coming about.  Pleased as punch while doing a little jig or two. [no awards would be given for those dance moves.  :) ]

After all the hexies I have made so far, this pretty little blue one seems to be my fav so far.  The colors are a smidge off because of the lack of light today, but it's still FAB.  I think I will be finishing off the edges like Lucy did with her blankie.  It just looks so darn wonderful with it all done prim and proper.  And please don't forget to see her progress with her garden blankie she is working on.  WOW!  It is looking FAB also.  She so inspires me to add more punchy color to all my things.  Thanks Luce!  I just love seeing that there is an update over at her little piece of the world and hurry over to check things out.  :)

More Valentine goodies were made today.  Don't they look scrummy!  Look at those cutesy little faces.  All most creepy thinking about chomping on those little faces smiling at you, but what the hey.  I can get over the creepy factor really fast!  LOL!! :D

Talking about the creepy factor.  I saw that a remake of the original Friday the 13th movie is out.  EEK!!!  I remember when the first one came out, I was 12ish, and I saw it at the theaters.  Man talk about scaring the Jeepers at of a kid.  Didn't sleep for a week!!  Was never too keen on asking if I could ever go to summer camp after seeing that.  Then after Glenn and I got married, we went home to Minnesota Northwoods to visit his family and I found out there was a YMCA camp less than a mile from his parents house.  Not good.  I heard the loon calls one evening while sitting in the yard (had never heard them before except for in the movie and did not know that a bird makes that sound) and just about jumped out of my skin.  All I could picture was Jason popping out of the woods or something to get me because I was too close to the camp.  My first visit to the in-laws was the first time in ages that the doors were locked at night.  Not that locked doors would stop Jason would it.  Try explaining why the doors are locked tight when Glenn's brothers drove up to the house after work and they darn near killed themselves by slamming into locked doors that were normally open.  OOPS!!!  Those darn "city girls".  :}  hehe.  I laugh now with everyone else but it was not so darn funny at the time.  Picture screaming girl being woke up by pounding on the back door of the house.  LOL!!!  And let's not forget to mention that for the longest time I wouldn't even drive down the road that went by the Ycamp.  hehe. :)

Oh well, enough of reminiscing about good times.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines day.  We treated ourselves to The Cheesecake Factory with the girls yesterday and made a pig of ourselves.  Who would blame a girl with all those FAB flavors of cheesecake!  Lordy Gordy!!  Off to finish dinner and then hang out around the yarn basket!!!  

Toodles!! xxxxxxxx


  1. I never have liked horror movies. The hex blanket is beautiful, so bright and cheery. Might I add that you are fast making the blankets.

  2. Oh Kar, it's beautiful. Absolutely b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l -- and to think you had time to bake up those cute cookies too. What a good mommy you are.

  3. Kar! I love that gorgeous crocheted blankie!!! It's so bright and cheery. How exciting to be almost done with it. And as for scary movies~ I still have nightmares from the stuff I watched when I was 12ish. I just can't watch that junk!

  4. kar!! Look at you go girl!! so pretty and so much fun! will you make me one? haha..
    i slept most of the day..i must have a big. talk to you tomorrow..ok?

  5. What a gorgeous blanket, the colours are fabulous - I look forward to seeing it finished! - Natalie x

  6. Wow! Your blanket is beautiful...

  7. Hi Kar
    Happy Valentine!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great weekend

  8. Kar, the blanket is looking absolutely stunning. I think I like your colours more than mine.
    I love the idea of "hanging out" around the yarn basket, oh good lord, i really laughed at that one.
    Toodles my lovely, its a pleasure to visit your little corner of Blogland

  9. Oh, it's such fun to watch the blanket grow! I know that one of these days, I'm going to try a hexagon blanket of my own. Heaven knows, I've got enough yarn for it!!!

  10. I am enjoying your blog. The creepy cookies made me laugh remembering...

    Many, many years ago, I decorated Santa and snowmen cookies. Took quite a few to Mama's for Christmas. My nephew was a little squirt at the time. He picked up a cookie and bit. His granny said, "Oh, look. You bit Santa's head off." He looked at the cookie. Put it down and picked up a snowman. I'll never forget the look on his face!