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24 February 2009

the Crochet Hexagon blanket is now finished!!!

My most fabulous creation as of yet, is now finished and being enjoyed by all the peeps in this house!  I am so pleased with how it all turned out.  Just being able to look at all the fabulous colors everyday is simply peachy.  It really sets the mood for the day when you see it.  When I use it in the evening while working on little projects, the girls will come over and ask to share it with me.  I have had to change where I sit now just so the three of us will fit in one area.  The chair will not do anymore.  And I love the cuddle time with the girls.  And yes, as I am posting all of this rambling, I have my blankie on my lap keeping my warm this morning.  ;)
I must share a small bit of info with you.  Liz from Wine & Windows asked me to email her because she was giving the hexies a try and they were "curling" on her.  I remember having a small issue with that myself and told her that after every tucking in the tails on each round, just give the little hexie a little tug all the way around and it will lay flat for you.  The hexie will hold its shape a lot better in the end also.  The only thing I can figure is that it helps the yarn relax a little after you get done with each round.  Maybe this will help others who may be having the same problem.  :)
I finished the edges similar to what Lucy did with her blankie.  My shell edging isn't as rounded as hers.  Lucy's shell's looks to be made up of all dc stitches.  My shells are comprised of : sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc.  There is a space skipped after a shell then a slip stitch in the next, skip a space and then make another shell, etc.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  Sunday morning the blankie found it's way to the washer (with softener added) & the dryer being prepared for some major usage around here.
 That is what I was working on Saturday while we took a LONG drive south of us into the high desert, in an attempt to get out of the house and see some different scenery.  Obviously my scenery did not change a lot during the drive.  The girls had fun though.  We drove in a BIG circle to show them the air base where Glenn and I were both stationed years back.  They saw the Snake River carving it's way through the canyon below where we were driving.  When we got to the bottom of the canyon, you could see all the ranches, farms and tons of cows that call that area home.  And yes, there were two little peeps with the windows down, trying to speak to the cows as we went by.  You have to wonder if the cows are thinking "Stupid humans".  We laugh every time the kids do this.  Brendon would do this all the time when he was little and then squeal that he saw a cow look back at him and answer back.  Hilarious!  In all the fields in this area there are tons of boulders and rocks all over.  Glenn used to tell Brendon when he was little that all those rocks were really dried up cows that got too hot in the sun and just fell over.  Brendon believed him and one visit my Mom made, Brendon told her that they were dried up cows.  Needless to say, she shook here head while laughing just knowing that Glenn would tell his son something like that and the poor child would believe him for a long time.  Issues.  :)  We could not get up to the southern mountain range in this area because of the snow still.  20' or more on some of the mountain roads, so no possibility until the summer.  And can you believe there are a brave few that live up there all year round.  There is an old silver mining town, Silver City, that you can only get to during the few months of the summer.  Beautiful up there but that is not the life for me.  Sorry.  Any way everyone had fun and the girls thought that it was strange the some areas where open range and we had to keep an eye out for cows on the highway.  And the hilly roads were their favorite.  They said it made them feel they were on a roller coaster ride.  Too much of that is NOT good while trying to crochet!  :)  Anyhoo, fun was had by all and I finished my blankie!  Yeah!!  (doing a little dance)
Well, after that big project done I had to find something else to do.  I have been adding things to the girls bathroom to make it more colorful, thanks to Lucy's influence of color.  I found a pattern in my book of crochet rugs and decided to make a cute little one for the girls.  I used the same colors that I used for the blankie and isn't it neat how the same colors used differently comes out with totally different look.  It only took one afternoon and evening to make and we are pleased with the color it adds to the bathroom.  And the girls go in there now just to stand on it.  Don't ask!
I found some absolutely adorable pics a few years ago of little kids playing in tubs, to put in the girls bathroom.  The colors are so wonderful and they match the colors I have been using lately!  Weird!  I have to do something with the frames now to make them stand out from the walls because the colors are way too close to each other.  We are going to the fabric store today before PE to find some pretty ribbon, in the colors that are in the pics, to wrap around the outside of the frame and then make a bow to hang them from.  That will be a nice punch of color.  I will show pics when done.  I just think the kids in the pics are too darn cute!  And the colors are FAB!  I was able to find info on the artist a few years ago, but now I can't find anything.  I will do some more digging just in case anyone is interested.  :)  And they remind me of the "mess" the girls make when soaking in the tub at times.  :)
So now the girls are wanting some pretty little flowers added to the bathroom for color all over.  Sorry for the poor pics.  I took them last night in the poor light.  I haven't been able to decide if I will connect them to ribbon or crochet a chain to put them on.  Or if I will just add them to the top of the shower curtain up by the hooks.  I'll have to decide before I got to the fabric store, won't I.  :)  We will see what happens to them.  The next project after the little flowers will be a bag for myself or a ripple blanket.  Not sure what order yet because both will be made.  :)
And finally speaking of flowers, my crocuses are coming up outside!  I just love the little pop of color right before spring arrives.  It makes this time of year more tolerable for me.  I find myself looking out the window just staring at the little beauties.  And then it makes me wanting to see all my other flowers that come up later.  Pure torture!  The weather has been nice for the last few days and the girls have been taking advantage of the outdoors.  The temps have been in the low 50's but I hope that they drop just a smidge for a while just so the snow doesn't start melting in the mountains.  We need it to stay there for as long as possible, so melting is not good right now.  April is good.

I will now let you go for now.  Long posts are what happens when I don't post for a few days.  And for the fact that Glenn hogged the computer this weekend being it was his long weekend from work.  I don't complain because he works so darn hard and he needs to take a break every once in a while and he is doing something he likes to do, his pictures.  Nothing wrong with that.
I hope that everyone had a great weekend and that your week is just as good.  I must get my tail moving and get things done before PE today and I have got to try the new little pattern that Lucy posted on her blog for the most darling little flowers ever.  She is such a sweetie for sharing with us all.  Thanks Luce!!   :o)

Toodles for now!  xxxxx  (aren't you glad it's over?!  :D )


  1. I have heard from a few of my blog friends that posting a comment was not happening earlier. Thank you for all the lovely comments about my blankie and the "laughter" about my Saturday drive around my part of the country. We always have fun on our little trips. NEVER a dull moment with this family!! Honestly, someone is always laughing till their face and stomach hurts! :)


  2. wow, your blog is lovely, idem your crochet, i'm arrived here from the lucy's blog :)
    Have you a nice day

  3. Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting! I think your hexagon blanket is beautiful. It is a kaleidoscope of colour! I have stuck to making one giant square as I don't enjoy joining the sides together. I am looking forward to making crochet flowers too! I am also loving the spring flowers!

  4. Lovely hexie blankie, Kar. You did a great job! Those crocus flowers are so pretty. Yes, Lucy is a sweetheart...visiting her blog is a really sweet pleasure each and everyday.

  5. Catching up on blogs...I love the blanket, it turned out great. If we have any flowers coming up they got covered in snow :(

  6. i am trying to finish a hexagan blank i have dunhalf hexagans srarting with 7 chains and increing but i dint know how to do the one start with a point,could you help