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11 February 2009

Valentines and random thoughts...

As you look at the lovely Valentine decorations the girls made for our little piece of the world, I start this post today with a bit of wisdom that I received from my Dad from time to time.  He was never one to like the words "I can't".  To tell you the truth, I despise them.  If he ever heard any of us kids say those words he would ask, "Did you try?".  If the answer was no sir, then he would tell us to give what ever "it" was a try and then make the decision of if we couldn't do something or not.  And then we would know for sure if "it" was something that we wanted to continue with or not.  I tell my kids the same thing no matter what "it" is.  Well, except for the obvious things; drugs, cigarettes, drinking, etc.  They know that those are never to be on list of things to do because they would have to deal with the "Wrath of Mom".  And that is not a very pretty thing to deal with.  Trust me!!  :}  

So what brought this up was the girls and I were at their PE group yesterday at the bowling alley and I was talking to a few moms while they kids were bowling (of course) and the moms were asking me where I got my felted purse.  I told them I made it myself.  Could you believe that I heard those dreaded words "I wish could do that!  I'm not that bright".  My eyes rolled in to the back of my head.  So I gave them my kind speech about "if you have never tried how do you know if you can't do something" bit.  One mom said she just doesn't have the patience to do something like knitting, crocheting, etc.  I told her she was wrong because if she has the patience to stay home and home school your kids then you have the patience to do anything as long as you try.  You know it's the same thing as when the kids say they don't like a particular food that they have never tried before.  Try it once and then decide if you want to eat it still.  I just don't understand why people sell themselves short.  Don't get me wrong, I have tried all sorts of things and have made a decision that I would not continue on with certain crafts, projects, etc.  But at least I tried.  I think for me it comes down to hopefully not having any regrets when my "number" is picked one day and being a good example for my kids to follow.  I must confess that I will never try to jump out of perfectly good flying airplanes (like Glenn did in the military) or things like that because I just don't feel like killing myself anytime soon.  But things I feel that are not "life ending" I will surely give a try and then make up my mind.  

So for anyone who stops by my little part of the world, please give something a try (within reason as far as my rules go ;} ) before you say "I can't".  If things don't pan out then at least you can say you tried but it just didn't grab you.  :)  Just throw those two little words out of your vocabulary, please!  :)

So as you can tell, the house is filled with all sorts of pretty "love" themed decorations.  I get to look out my kitchen window while seeing the pretty hearts the girls made (wax paper & crayon shavings).  We decided to hang them from curling ribbon from all sorts of places and I think they look awesome.  Glenn has to duck out of the way when walking from the dining room to the living room area because they are right in his face.  At least he likes them better than the spider webs we put up for Halloween.  Not a pretty sight when he gets up in the morning with the lights off downstairs and walks into a web.  
LOL!! It is really funny even if he doesn't think so.  It is sad that Glenn is tortured during certain holidays in this house.  But at least it isn't all year long.  :)  We do love him alot though!  The girls want to leave their little heart animals up for awhile after Valentines because they are so cute.  I'm sure we can work something out, but the dangly hearts will go after Saturday.

Well, enough of my "advice" and babbling.  I must go check on dinner in the crock pot.  It's a yummy recipe I got from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage.  I have tried several of her recipes she has posted and let me tell you, they are GOOOOD!  Why wouldn't they be.  She's from Texas like I am so the food has got to be good.  :)  I feel an urge to put on the piggy nose just thinking about yummy food!  Like I usually say if the food is that good, I will eat so much that I could hurt myself.  Not a pretty sight.  No mam.  Hope everyone has had a most fabulous day.  Back to my last couple of things to finish for the day before dinner, reading time, pj's and yes, you know it, CROCHET time!  WOOHOO!!!! (doing a little jig right now.)

Toodles Noodles!!   xxxxxxxx

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  1. I love all the pretty "love" themed decorations your girls did. Your home is very warm & inviting looking. And I definitely agree with your words of wisdom on not saying "I can't" until you've at least tried. Then we can weed out those things that just aren't meant to be part of our lives.