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02 March 2009

Some Crochet Ripple and good ole' fun....

This weekend was a sure mix of different things.  There was some hiking at the Bruneau Sand Dunes.  The wind turned out to be a bit much there, but fun was had by all.  We have gone there for years, starting when I was pregnant was Brendon (long time ago).  I even climbed to the top of the biggest dune (470 feet) at 8 months along with him.  It took me nearly 2 hours (slowly but surely).  And yes, there was plenty of sand to clean up when the hikers returned home.  Good thing we have a garage where the sand can be deposited and swept out easily.  :)

Some of us stayed home.  We did not want to brave the winds and blowing sand.  Not my kind of fun.  The little baker and I made Banana Bread.  YUMMO!!!  She really likes to get in the kitchen and help with everything.  I think both girls are going to be great cooks one day.  I just have to learn not to "wig" out when something gets a bit messy.  Issues.  

Little Baker loves mashing the bananas.  It must get some frustration out or something.

Then of course she must give a try at the mixer (on the slowest speed possible) to make sure it is mixed up just right.

Then when all is mixed and placed in the pan, Little Baker patiently waits (for a few minutes) to see how the bread is baking.  She leaves her little bench in front of the oven so she can keep coming back to check on the progress and yell out how it is doing.  :)

The finished product!  Done to Little Bakers liking.  Pretty darn yummy I must say.  Only half of it left as of this morning!  It doesn't last long in this house.  You snooze, you lose!

When the bread was finished, eggs were to be cooked for some yummy egg salad & bacon sandwiches.  Just something light for dinner.  Been eating way too much lately so light it was.  I get a kick out of seeing the eggs turn out just right, with no awful looking ring around the yolks.  Perfection.  You just can't over cook them.

Place them in cold water in a pan, covering them at least 1 inch over the tops.  Put on to boil.  When the water boils, turn the heat off, remove the pan and let it sit for 15 minutes.  Then drain the water and fill with very cold water to cool.  When the eggs are cold, peel and eat!  YUMMY!!!  Perfecto!!!!

When I was at the store the other day, I had to get these little beauties.  They just scream SPRING!!!  Just some little sour patch Easter eggs.  And let me tell you, they are SOUR!!  They curl your toes!  They make you pucker!  But once you get past the sourness, the flavors are great.  Except the orange.  Not a big fan of it.  Reminds me of baby aspirin.  GAG!  The colors are just so cheery.  Too bad they will be gone soon.  Maybe I will have to go and get more just so the jar will continue to have some cute color in it while sitting by my kitchen window.  :)

And last but not least,  I did get some ripple work done this weekend.  Mostly in the evening when things were winding down for the day.  It is kind of neat to see how different the colors make this blankie look from the hexie blankie just because of the pattern.  The girls have their eye on this one.  The next blankie will surely have to be just for Glenn.  He still has to make up his mind about the colors he wants.  I might have to help with that part of he doesn't hurry.  :)

Now I'm off to start lessons for the day, folding the laundry I didn't feel like doing yesterday (so sad), and then make some Chicken Parmesan for a late lunch, early dinner.  Haven't had that in a while.  I will have to get my pig nose out for that one.  :)  And we can not forget the peeps favorite "ranchy" noodles to go with it.  Very yummy.  Just cook your noodles and drain.  Melt a few heaping spoons of butter in the noodles to coat them.  Then you take one pack of ranch dressing powder and one pack of italian dressing powder and sprinkle half of each pack over the noodles and mix well with the noodles.  Taste and see if you like more flavor and add more if you want.  TADA!!  That is it.  Sometimes when I make the noodles by themselves I will add cooked veggies to them and that is yummy too!  Hope you try it and like it.  :)

Have a FANTABULOUS day out there.  I am enjoying the little peeks of sun right now.  We are suppose to get some thunderstorms later. Some of the sky is already getting dark in some areas.  Kind of pretty. Which honestly, I am hoping we get the storms, not too big though, so I can listen to the wonderful sound of the thunder.  There is something about that sound that I love with the rain pattering with it.  Peaceful.  Maybe I will get to open up a window to listen to it with it being 60 degrees out later.  YEAH!!!  Simple things you know.  Hope your weekend was awesome and the week keeps on that track. 

Toodles!!  :)


  1. Hi Kar!
    Looks like you had quite the weekend. Staying home with the Little Baker would have been my first choice as well. Tell her that her bread looks very YUMMY indeed!!!:) Your ripples are looking lovely as well!
    You need to check my blog because YOU are my winner for my give away!
    I just need your address so I can send it off to you. It's all ready for shipment. I hope you like it!
    E-mail me your info if you don't mind.
    Love & have a happy stormy day.
    I like the occasional storm also.

  2. Wow! Little ole' me won something! I never win anything! I think I'm going out to get a lottery ticket today. Who knows! I can't wait to see what wonderful stuff Danette sends me. Peeing my pants! :) LOL!! My day was kind of blah until now. Today is FANTABULOUS!!!! YIIPPEEE!!! Thanks Danette! :)

  3. Love this post, Kar!! This would have been a good one for We Did It! Wednesday, a meme I have on Wednesdays about quality time with our children and grands!!

    My Mom made the world's best banana bread!! Mine just never tastes quite like hers! Must have been the extra lovin' that went into preparing it!!

    YAY for you winning Danette's giveaway!! So much fun!! I won three different ones a few weeks ago. I have one I need to post about.

    Hope you have a joyful week as well!! Dinner sounds delish!! Off to teach a little more myself!!

  4. The Ripple is just lovely! so bright and cheerful. There is nothing like baking with kids- seriously messy but, fun!

  5. Love the colors in your ripple blanket...the bread also looks yummy. Congrats on winning the giveaway.

  6. oooooo ripple looks gooooooooooood!
    You've inspired me Kar, I've started on a ripple cushion at the weekend, and i so know what you mean about seeing how different the colours look in stripes when Ive been so used to seeing them in squares. I am still loving the squares blankie, but you made me think ripples and I wanted to see if i still remembered how to do it lol!

    We went to the coast yesterday, I got my sea-fix hoooray!! so yes a great start to March, i feel fabulouso!
    Toodles my lovely

  7. Hee... the ripple-afghan photo almost matches the gumdrops in the photo above. Lovely bright photos for a grey-snowy day!

  8. Hi Kar
    Your ripple looks fantastic.Loveley colours!!!!!!!
    My ripple blanket is finish.So I have started a
    new granny.
    Today have we sunshine,so have I worked in my garden.Thats was fantastic.Snowdrops and crocus in
    pale blue and pale yellow bloom in my garden.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs Regina
    ps. your hexagon blanket is gergeous

  9. Love the spring colors and the new ripple blankie. I am sure the girls will love it. Looks like you have been enjoying some nice weather and dreaming of more to come. Hope you are having a great day! Liz