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21 March 2009

Cookies, bits of Spring, and yarny goodness !!!!

Today started out with chores, chores and more chores.  I feel like the house and laundry were severely shoved to the side this past week with being occupied with Em's tests.  Glenn doesn't see what I see.  He always tells me that the house is spotless and that we could eat off of the floors.  But I just feel like nothing was done.  I must say to Glenn's credit he did take care of the dishwasher, straightening up a bit and keeping Brenna out of trouble.  It did help even though I "panic" about how I didn't do things according to my schedule. :)  He does a wonderful job when he is needed and asked to help with things.  He's a sweetie!

So I popped my head out in between batches of cookies to take in the fresh air and warm temps today.  61 is pretty darn nice after all the cold stuff we had.  Can you believe that tonight we are suppose to get rain and the hills are supposed to get snow.  Crazy weather in these parts until we get into the end of April.  You never know what you will get.  :)  I saw the trees budding already and could smell the nice fragrance they give off.  I lost myself out on the deck sniffing the air.  I hope the neighbors didn't catch a glimpse of that bit of insanity.  :)  The bees were all over the buds collecting pollen.  Their little legs were so loaded down with pollen they looked like little pack mules with big yellow bags on their sides.  The girls thought that was funny.  We all stood in one spot just listening to the buzzing the bees were making while going about their busy day.  Can you believe with all those bees buzzing in the tree, not one in the pic.  Geez!  They were cute little buggers.  :)
Since the subject of cookies came today I thought I would share a few pics of the biggest cookie monster we have in our house.  Yes, it is Miss Brenna.  You can't get a cookie within a mile of her without her knowing.  Especially if it is chocolate!  She would pass out if there wasn't any chocolate in this house.
Don't you just love how she looks like she is daintily enjoying her cookie and then just devours it in one last bite!  Just too hilarious!
And yet another beauty shot of how a poor cookies had no chance of survival with being so close to Brenna.  :)
Well, on to the cookies.  These are made with cake mix.  Yes, the boxes of cake mix.  Super simple and fast!!  I like that!
For chocolate cookies here is what you need:

1 box of chocolate cake mix
3/4 cup of butter
2 eggs
half a bag of chocolate chips
any kind of nuts if you like

preheat the oven at 350 degrees F

add all the ingredients together
then drop a teaspoon full of dough onto a cookie sheet and bake for 11 minutes.

I use a very small "ice cream" scoop (#70) to make sure all the cookies are the same size.  Yes, there are arguments in this house if someone thinks they got a smaller cookie than someone else.  I also use parchment paper so that I don't have to clean cookie sheets afterwards.
The cookies are awesome!  They are a FAV around this place.  If you try them, let me know what you think. :)
I finally took my blankies outside to get a sunny colorful pic of them before the rain comes in.  As I'm typing the sky is getting gray.  
Glenn said it is a good thing that I crochet fast because I'm already drawing out some ideas for some other blankets.  I have got to finish that bag!  But I will try to control myself and make sure I make the girls something before I go towards another blankie project.  :)  I so do love my bright pretty blankies!  
Here's what I have finished on the bag so far.  Not too bad.  Oh the yarn this baby will hold!  Yippee!!
Well, off again to finish dinner.  Pot roast soup!  YUMMO!!!  Great way of using up leftovers and not throwing out yummy pot roast.  I also have to go take a look at a link that Libby shared with me for some crocheted butterflies.  They are so cute!  She made the cutest little poncho and added on of these butterflies on it.  Just adorable!  Thanks Libby again for sharing!
I must run so that I can get outside before the temps drop.  Tomorrow we are only going to get to 50 degrees possibly with rain!  So you know where I will be and what I will be doing!  LOL!!!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!
Toodles Noodles!!!!   xxxxxx

**stop the presses!!  I just looked at a blown up pic of the tree bud pic and there is a bee in it!  Down at the lower left of the pic, resting on the tree limb!  FABULOSO!!!  The girls thought that was awesome too!  **


  1. I do believe that is one of the cutest cookie monsters I have seen. I intend to try the cookie receipe very soon. The blankets and bags are so bright and cheery, I just love bright colors.

  2. Hey Kar!! Love the pics of Brenna and the cookie!! Also love the bag you're working on! You are so talented!! The colors are great!!

    Hope you have a joyful Springy Sunday!!

  3. You know what? Your neighbors wouldn't have seen you because they too were probably sniffing the fragrance of spring in the air. Oh to have an aerial view of everybody doing that on their decks!

    Such a cutie for a cookie monster. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the pics. Thanks for the "shout-out" on this post. I feel like a celebrity. Click Click (that the sound of the camera shutter).

    The blankets look great, the bag will be fantastic, and you enjoy your pot roast soup. :-)

  4. Hi Kar
    Your bag is beautiful.I like the colors.
    Thank you for the tipps about the yarn!!!
    Have a nice week my friend!!!

  5. Hi there I am so loving both of those blankets and that bag is a must have accessorie for any discerning crochet person. Have a to do list as long as a ball of wool, not enough hours in the day unfortunately. Dev X