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11 March 2009

A big mystery, flowers, and the ripple....

Well, things have certainly been "exciting" here the last few days.  I'm not sure exciting is the word to use for all of what has been going on.    First off, Monday brought a wonderful surprise in the mail from Danette.  I received the most wonderful teapot and cozy from her giveaway on her blog.  Thanks again Danette.  The girls and I used it the other night after dinner and it really kept the tea just right all night long!  I almost didn't want to use it because it is so pretty.  It looks good in the kitchen.  I will have to take pics later to post.

Tuesday was filled with a Dr's appt for Glenn to check out his shoulder that has been bothering him.  Good news.  No tears or anything major.  A little physical therapy should do the trick.  Thank goodness.  I really hate the word SURGERY.  It really makes me nervous.  Glenn has had a couple of surgeries before and I didn't like seeing him recovering from them.  I just feel helpless.  So good news with that part of the day.

After the appointment though was not so uplifting.  I have been hearing this noise in the house as if someone has left a faucet running just the slightest bit.  I have searched every where and no sign of water anywhere in the house.  I have even taken access panels off of things looking for water.  No luck.  So with a call to the plumbers, the water co. and a leak detector service, the only thing we can think of is that there is a leak somewhere in the main line feeding into the house.  Good and bad there.  Good that we have rocky, sandy soil all under the house.  So where ever the leak is it isn't coming into the house but just seeping into the ground somewhere.  Bad because if it is under the house, we have a slab foundation.  I am hoping and praying that it is out in the front yard somewhere.  The leak detector guy is suppose to be here tomorrow with his high power listening equipment to locate the leak.  I haven't eaten but twice in the last three days because I'm wigging out about this.  It's not so much the leak but the dollar signs I'm seeing.  That freaks me out the most.  I could just get sick.  So that is my fun for the next few days anyway.  Crossing my fingers for a winning lottery ticket tonight and that the leak isn't under the house. :)  I think I'm going to get sick again.  :{

So with all that going on I had to find a pretty picture of some really wonderful flowers.  Below is a pic of Idaho's state flower, the Mock Orange or Syringa. They smell so wonderful that it over takes you.  I don't know how to explain it.  Bliss!!!  :)  I took them last year at a nature center we have in the area.  It is a great place just to go and wonder around when the weather warms up.  I can't wait till they have the salmon there again this year.  It is so nice to see those pretty fish every year at the center.  I'll have to remember to take some pics when we go this spring & summer to share with you all.  FABULOUS!!!
Em gave Lucy's teeny tiny flower pattern at try and they turned out wonderful.  She has more colors lined up to make more.  She was tickled that she figured the pattern out and made them her self, with a little "back seat driver" help.  :)  I'm pleased as punch with her.  She is too cute!
Below is the ripple and how it has come along over the weekend.  I haven't done much in the evenings this week with what has been happening here.  It just sucks the mood right out of you.  Anyhoo, it is nearly finished.  I still have not figured out why the width slowly but surely "stretches" out a bit as I continue to work on it.  The only thing I can figure is it is the acrylic yarn I am using.  Maybe, maybe not.  Who knows.  It is looking nice though even with the light section that sticks out at you.  I'm running out of the colors I choose for the ripple.  A few more rows and it should be done and then I will add an edging to it.
I'm waiting for my yarn and books that I ordered last Friday.  They are suppose to be here tomorrow.  At least there will be one happy thing going on tomorrow.  I will take pics of the loot when it gets here.  I can't wait to start working on my bag I ordered the cotton yarn for.  Yes, pee'ing my pants while waiting!  How did you know? :)

Well, off the get dinner going and get reading time in with the girls.  Brenna is doing so wonderful with her reading.  She just has the biggest grin on her little punkin' face when she gets a new word right and then squeals with delight.  I'm glad the girls love to read.  It warms my heart to see them cuddled up in their library loving their books.  I've got to take something for my head and nibble on some crackers or toast for the tummy.  PLEASE let there be good news tomorrow!  At least for my sake and Glenn and the girls.  I have been a bit grumpy and off sorts the last few days.  I take a lot of deep breaths before reacting to anything around here.  Other wise heads would get bit off.  :/

Toodles!!!!    xxxxxxxx
(sorry for the edit.  I can't seem to spell today. :(  )


  1. Sorry to hear about the house business. Hope it all works out in your favor. Em made adorable little flowers.The ripple is really pretty.

  2. Oh boy I hope all is well with the house...and I love the little flowers, Em did an awesome job. You are really coming along on the ripples :)

  3. Kar~
    First thing~~~ CALM DOWN & EAT SOMETHING! Nothing ever gets solved from our worry {take it from one who knows!}.
    Also, I'm so glad you & the little misses like the teapot & cozy:}
    I'm glad too for Glenns good report! I hate surgery also!!!
    Those flowers are gorgeous & I wish I could smell them. I'd love to see the salmon also. Please do post pictures.
    As for the edge of your ripple blanket changing some, there IS an explanation. Believe it or not it can be due to our mood each time we sit down & pick up the work. The more we relax with the project {or life!} sometimes the looser our tension {in every sense of the word} becomes. Now I know right now you're a bit uptight, but your crocheting is probably soothing to you and you relax with it.
    You tell that little Miss Em I am more and more impressed with her yarn skills! What a thrill to watch such a young one make such accomplishments. And to Brenna ~ READ ON! There's nothing better than a good book!
    Love to you all!

    OH!!! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that ripple afghan!
    And I laugh right out loud every time you "pee your pants"!

  4. What a stressful week. I am so sorry to hear about your leak. I will cross my fingers that it is in the front yard. Good thing you have such a pretty crochet project to divert your attention, if only for a little while. I can just feel the tension melting when I pick up the hook. I will be thinking about you and waiting for a report. Have a great day! Liz

  5. Hi Kar ..love your ripple i have just bought from Amazon...Ripple stitch patters that Lucy at Attic 24 uses which pattern did you use and how easy is it to do.. i have never until i made Lucy's bag used a pattern before Love it to..and have been crocheting for ever so am not sure that i will pick it up i have made 10 at least huge blankets in this last year .but just do stripes ..or squares i have a huge stash of Rowan wool and would love the challenge ....i think ?!!!
    Sounds like you live in a place i could only dream of having said that where i live the Brits come in there droves from the cities to holiday .. Love Kieren x