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27 March 2009

Crochet goodness, road trip, fabric fun, and yummy treats!!!

I had someone email me and ask if things were okay around these parts because I had not posted anything since Monday.  Yes, things are just dandy.  Just too darn busy!!  :)  I need more time and more days in the week!!  I'm still not sure that would help though.

As you can tell I've been working on these quick little coasters while I was waiting on going to the fabric store to buy fabric for my crochet bag (the lining).  Cute little things they are.  I have a few sets that will be going to a few friends to see how they like them.  Maybe if there are good comments about them I might think about selling some.  Haven't thought that all out yet though.  I'll keep you posted.  :)
Yesterday included a trip to the fabric store after school work and then a trip up in the hills above our house.  We were looking for bald eagles but didn't see any.  Plenty of turkey vultures though.  Yeah.  Just as my luck would be my camera battery wanted to die on me after just a couple of pictures.  The rest of the pictures were taken on Glenn's camera, which I was deathly afraid of touching.  It just freaks me out holding that much money in my hands.  Especially if something would go wrong!!  Geez!!  I would never be able to look at him again. :}  So I will have to wait until Glenn downloads the pics to share them with you.  
It was a nice little drive to a little town that is a valley on the other side of the hills from where we live.  The road is nice, but let me tell you that the 7% grade drop from the top of the hill bugs me.  Especially when one keeps seeing the signs for the runaway truck ramps every so often.  I could not imagine living on the other side of this hill in the winter and having to drive that highway everyday.  I would be on drugs just to make it.  I would probably be one that would use the ramps.  Not good!!  And to think some people actually do that drive every day ALL year round.  Better them than me.  :)  
We did see some neat stuff and found our way to a wildlife watching area where we saw some swans from the road above.  We couldn't get into the area because it is closed during nesting and hatching time.  So we will have to wait until end of July to go back there and walk around that area.  We went exploring around an old dam that isn't operational anymore on the Payette River.  Pretty cool to see that and all its parts.  Brenna saw some sheep, cows, horses and other farm animals along the way and had to share her animal sound talents with us.  Pretty funny how the horsey sounds.  We even saw some deer grazing on the side of the hills on the way up (glenn's camera).  It was a fun afternoon but very chilly with the winds that were blowing.  I'll be very glad when it warms just a tad so that the outdoors can be enjoyed more.  I'm not a fan of the cold winds when trying to enjoy the outdoors.  I just have to be patient and wait to frolic and leap in the mountains.  Hopefully that won't include anything broken. :}

Here's the loot from the fabric store.  Aren't the colors lovely? Yes!  The pink is for my bag.  The purple is for Em's two outfits.  And the two lady bug fabrics are Brenna's.  You should have seen the happiness in their eyes picking and choosing their fabrics.  It doesn't take much to make them happy.
This is what all the pretty fabric will be made of.  Two dresses for Brenna and one dress for Em and one top and capris.  Too cute!  I get such a kick out of the girls picking things out for warmer weather!  Tickled!!!!
These are other patterns just waiting for the fabric stash to be dug into and made into these lovelies!
Now for some tasty treats!
I had to pick up supplies for a couple of these lovely little yummies while at the store today.  I was drooling just thinking about them.  I can feel my clothes getting a little snug already.  Oh well, at least I know I will be happy.  I'll just have to do some extra walking next week when it's nice out.  :)

All the recipes are from Kraftfoods.com.  Easy and yummy!!  Try them and see what you think and let me know what you think!  I know will love them.

And last but not least, I could not resist posting about this.  My Mom use to make for us when we were little.  It never failed, every Easter, Mom would always take the time to make a bunny cake like the one below.  There never was too much left after Easter dinner.  Maybe part of the bow tie.  For some odd reason, the ears would always be the first to be cut.  A bit morbid when one thinks about it.  :)  Oh well, they tasted good anyway.  LOL!!!
Well, the fabric is waiting to be put into the dryer so that it can be cut out tomorrow morning.  It's suppose to be nice and warm in the afternoon so hopefully we can get to the park and try out the new kites the girls got last week.  I think I will wait until Glenn gets home so that he can join in the fun with running around trying to get the kites to take flight.  LOL!!  Why have him miss out on all the fun?  :)  
I will try to get a post in this weekend.  Sunday will be rainy and cold again, so there will surely be some time to talk about yarn, food, fabric, yarn, relaxing, yarn.  Do you see a trend?  LOL!!
Anyhoo, have a great weekend everyone!!!  Have fun, but make sure it's not so much that it includes injuries or trouble!

Toodles Noodles!!!

(I am pee'ing my pants right now!  Glenn came in the room telling the story about his "encounter" about checking out some weird sounds last night after I went to bed.  He went up from the lower level because he thought he heard "someone" messing with the door.  He went to step on the wood floor with his slippers on and they made sounds going across the floor so he bent down to crawl on the floor but all he heard was his knees and other joints popping and cracking.  So he said the heck with it because if there was "someone" trying to get in they would know he was there and all they would have to do is point and shoot in the direction of all the popping and cracking!!!  So, so much for trying to save the girls and I from imminent danger!  My sides hurt!!  I have to go and lay down now to recover from the laughing.  I was also told that I would probably have to pack a bag for making fun of him on my blog!  HAHAHAH!!!!  Sorry Glenn!  I do love you but you are too FUNNY!!!!  That is why we have been together so long!!!  Free entertainment!!)


  1. Ooh, all of these treats looks absolutely delicious. Congrats on the fabric purchases and the field trip. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Could you use an extra grandmother at your house? You guys are having so much fun that I think I want to come and stay. ;)

  3. Kar~
    You have been busy!!!
    Are you packing your bags yet Girl?!
    That's what husbands are for! Mine provides me with tons of free entertainment too!
    I'm loving those coasters!!!!
    You're a crocheting fool!

  4. Okay, trying this again :)

    Love the crochet coasters! Your own pattern or can I find it somewhere??

    Love the fabric and patterns (have one of them waiting to make for my 4 year old)

    Tell Glenn we appreciate the free entertainment more than he knows :)

  5. Oh I'm loving your fabric...I love seeing Bald Eagles and got the joy of seeing them last fall.
    I loved your Glenn story.