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16 March 2009

Finished Ripple, more yarn & "green" decor...

This weekend went by too fast.  As usual.  The good news is that some how our leak temporarily disappeared while the leak detector guy was here on Friday.  The only thing we could think of is the compressed gas he put in the pipes to listen for the leak pushed "something" into the very tiny leak and sealed it for the time being.  I think I am still going to dig up the area where he thought he heard it to begin with when the weather gets warm.  It still bugs the snot out of me.  At least I'm not hearing things in the house for the time being.  Key word being "time being".
Bowling went well though.  I got 2 strikes!  I really had to control myself and not jump up and down yelling in celebration.  Simple things.  :)  I picked up my book on Saturday that I had being held at the book store.  Very pleased I must say.  I'm trying to be good and not get anymore books and stuff for the time being.  I have enough to keep me busy for awhile.  The girls finished their St. Patty's decor.  It turned out pretty darn good.  And I managed to hang it up just high enough (barely) so that poor Glenn doesn't run into it when he walks into the kitchen.  He had to test that out Saturday when he came home.  Glenn and decorations that hang down just don't mix well at times.  Mostly my fault.  I tend to forget to put the decor up past the 6 foot mark.  :}  And yes, that is a Valentines decor on one of my cabinet doors because the girls said they couldn't bare to take that one down yet.  I may just have to do it when they go to bed one night. :)  
The girls put on a play about Cinderella that they have been working on for the last couple of weeks.  Too funny!!  It was a mix of speaking and "silent movie" stuff.  Don't ask.  Glenn and I just tried keeping from busting out laughing during the play.  They did an awesome job though.  It was fun for all.
I have been trying to figure out some kind of order for the yarn I will be making the bag with.  Yes, trying to control it just a bit.  :)  The girls and I were sitting on my bed trying to come up with something in what little light there is outside today.  So far the idea is starting with the red, then pink, etc.  The navy blue would be last in the sequence of things.  Don't hold your breath.  Things could change without anyone knowing.  I've got two colors done so far.  We'll see how far I get tonight.  
Everyone is hitting the hay early tonight with Em's testing the next three days.  We have to get up at 6am to be at testing by 8am.  I hope I don't wake up as "miss crabby pants".  Wouldn't be nice.  Brenna is excited because she gets to go with Daddy to his physical therapy appt.  Glenn isn't sure what the excitement is about.  :)
And here is the ripple finished with the edging.  Sorry, but like I mentioned earlier, the lighting today stinks.  Rain all over the place here.  The ripple sure is warm and soft after it's first washing yesterday.  The girls like it because they can both lay under it and keep warm at the same time.  The bright colors sure brighten up the room.  Very cheery!
Well, off to finish the spaghetti sauce for dinner and some chocolate chip cookies.  Em and I need some kind of snack to hold us over between tests you know.  Nothing better than a Chocolate chip cookies I tell ya.  I've got to go upstairs and check out what the girls picked out to wear tomorrow.  You have to wonder sometimes. :)  Em is making sure everything is laid out for tomorrow so we can eat, get dressed, grab our goodies and supplies and head out the door.  I have to go over that too just to make sure nothing is forgotten.  
Well, have a great night everyone and hopefully some yarn will be in the evening mix for you!  

Toodles Noodles!!!!   xxxxxx


  1. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l blankie. Love it! What bag are you making? Those colors are pretty yummy.

  2. the ripple is gorgeous! it inspired me to start my own :)

  3. Oh, you've had a very interesting and exciting day today! I love the St. Patty's Day decor. You can tell your kids that. And the Valentine's Day decor looks good up there too. I wonder who will be the first to recognize that you've pulled it down in the night? :-)

    The ripple is so gorgeous. I'm seriously thinking of doing a baby ripple with my Vanna Baby yarn, but we'll see. And yes, there was some yarn in the mix for me. I worked some on the baby poncho.

    Good night! And enjoy your cookies tomorrow.

  4. I love it Kar, it turned out great! I am trying to get the baby blanket done and I will if I just quit starting other knitting projects at the same time.

  5. Your Ripple is beautiful! you need more photos!!!!

  6. Definitely need more photos! It's truly beautiful!

  7. Your ripple blanket turned out so delightfully colorful. Just beautiful!! Love your new skeins of yarn, too!

  8. Oh how wonderful you blanket is!
    Don't you just love the patterns Lucy has over on her blog!
    The tiny flower one is so fun.
    I love crocheting too. My Mum crocheted near everyday, whilst I was growing up as a child.
    And I love meeting others who enjoy it too.
    Happy to stumble upon your blog this evening.
    I'll nip over and visit from time to time.
    Happy spring!
    Bairbre Aine

  9. I have seen the zigzag pattern before but not this one....... do you have a pattern?

    Ronda Eikenberry, Portland, OR