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03 March 2009

An afternoon walk and a few tidbits...

Yesterday was simply gorgeous here.  68 degrees, sun was out and fresh air pouring into the house with windows and doors open.  LOVE IT !!!  Just makes a girl dance!  I didn't get to hear any thunder yesterday because the so called storm was just a bit of wind and a just a few spits of rain.  Nothing to brag about.  To say the least, I was NOT impressed.  Meteorology is the job to have.  You can monkey that up and still have a job.

While deciding what to blog about I found a beautiful pic of my butterfly bush.  I've got three, two blue-purpley ones and one huge pink one out front.  They smell awesome and you should see all the wonderful butterflies and hummingbird that flock to them.  It is fun to see the hummingbirds "fight" for the nectar and listen to the hum as they fly by.  AWESOME!!  I'm ready for it all.  Bring it on!!!!
Then I started thinking about what we want to do when the weather is warmer and the snow has melted.  Hike around Warm Lake, Idaho.  So pretty up there.  And peaceful.  
Brenna wants to go just so she can one of these guys (below) that roam around up there.  She just has this thing about moose.  Couldn't be because of her night time buddy, you think.  They are cute in their own little way.  We went out to eat the other day and wouldn't you know that there was a stuffed moose head hanging up there.  That did not go well and a few tears were shed.  We told her it was a moose that was very old and died on his own.  I'm not sure if that helped any, but the tears stopped.
Can't wait for the warmer weather!
(sorry, but I found this pic on the net of a moose around Warm Lake.  Not mine.)
Before the clouds moved in yesterday, we went for a small little hike right near our house.  The little town we live in (not so little anymore) use to be a big farming and ranching area.  There is a state park where some of the old buildings are left to look at.  They are all boarded up so you can't go in but they are neat none the less.  The farming area used to get help from the prisoners from the state pen that had a dormitory out there so the crops would be tended and harvested.  Too bad they don't make them do that now a days.  Anyhoo, we also saw the old slaughter house where the cows on the big ranch would be taken to.  Sorry, no gory details there.  Just an old shell of a pretty big building.  The girls saw a little pen outside and wondered what it was used for.  It was too small for cows.  Pigs maybe, who knows.
After the little trek, the girls went back towards the play area that is near the swimming area of the park.  Brenna had a blast on the part that looked like a mountain you can climb.  She said she was going to be a mountain climber when she gets bigger.  Too bad we don't have the room for a huge rock looking wall to put in the backyard.  Wouldn't have to worry about her all day.  Emma loved the rock climbing wall that was there.  She said the hand holds were much better than some of the others seen at other parks.  No one cared about the slide, monkey bars, etc.  Just the climbing stuff.  It wore them out which was good when it came to bed time.  :)
At least the girls had fun exploring and wondering what use to be out in the big fields and how many animals use to out there.  There has to be some still there from time to time because of the "presents" that were left lying around everywhere.  There was even a discussion on why cows don't dig holes and use the bathroom in them.  I couldn't tell you where they come up with these things.  Who knows.  I don't think I want to know.
Yes, I did work on my ripple so more last night and added a wee bit more to it.  Not too bad.  It's coming along good.  More ideas floating in the big space of my head.  :)

Well, off to finish lunch and see what Em's journal entry about yesterday looks like.  She likes to write and I think having her do that on a daily basis is good practice for her imagination.  Really gets her thinking.  We have some more rain coming in and now I can hear the thunder.  I have opened the windows just to hear it, even though it is only 48 out right now.  Oh well, I can warm up later.  The fresh air is wonderful with the smell of rain in the air.  One of my most favorite smells in the world.  LOVE IT !!!  It looks like a good day to cuddle with some blankies in the bedroom while doing reading time this afternoon.  We skipped PE today.  So bad, but reading is good for you and so are a few good ole' warm blankies  along with Dr. Seuss.  Anyhoo, hope everyone enjoys their day, with whatever you are doing.

Toodles!!! xxxxxxx
(The girls pics provided by the fabulous photographer GLENN, with all his fabulous touches.  I forgot to bring my camera with yesterday.  Bright I know.  Thanks to my wonderful husband for saving the day.  He's a sweetie pie! )


  1. I'm going to have to dig out my crochet hooks...your blanket is awesome. I showed my sister who crochets your hexagon blanket and she loved it.
    68° you lucky girl we have 26° right now...I can't wait to get out and hike the river again.

  2. I cannot wait for everything to come alive in my garden including the butterfly bushes...lucky you getting to experience 68 degrees! Love your lovely ripple blankie, Kar.

  3. Good morning. My name is Theresa and I've come here via a link at Lucy's. I wanted to tell you that your ripple blanket is beautiful. Is it the Soft Waves pattern?

    I've set my hooks aside for the last couple of months (other than making a few kitchen items for a swap at Crochetville) and have been mostly knitting. I haven't been blogging much but hopefully I'll have time soon to put pictures up of the projects I've completed.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your Spring temps. We are going to hit 40 today! YaY