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23 March 2009

What am I up to now? :)

Today will probably be a quick post with more pics than before.  Yeah, we'll see. :D  After lessons and lunch time today all you could hear in the house was my dear old friend, the sewing machine, singing it's song down in the craft room.  I finally took the shower curtain down in the girls bathroom and cut it in half.  Yes, you heard me right!!  Cut it in half!  That big chunk of yellow was really starting to bug me and I went to fixing it with a little color.  I also got sick of seeing the spools of ribbon I had bought for this project just sitting on my desk, staring at me every time I sat down to work on something.
So here is what happened.
A little pinning.  And sticking my fingers with the pins.  There were a few muffled words I should not repeat.  :)
A little sewing.
Then putting every thing back together in the bathroom.  
I think this bit of color looks much better than the blog of yellow that use to just hang here.
Pay no attention to the hideous brown tiles that still remain in the bathroom.  One day I will break all of it out and but something pretty in it's place.  Someone once told me that brown is back "in" for bathroom decor.  Who ever those decorators are, they need help.  They can come get these tiles and I wouldn't not cry about it.  :)
Nice bright ribbon went around the cutesie pictures in the bathroom to separate them from the walls.
Aren't they the cutest little pics you've seen?  Too cute for words.  :)

Now to my little treat I bought over the weekend.  I could not resist this teacup planter when we walked by it at the store(yes, Walmart.  not my favorite place  :{ ). I was going to pass it up because of the $20 price tag on it but Glenn twisted my arm and said that I need something cute to put out in the back yard for spring.  Thanks Glenn!!  I'm not getting rid of him anytime soon!!!  :)
Yes, the planter is huge.  I put the teapot I won from Danette next to it to show the scale of this thing.  It's going to look awesome with a bright flowery plant in it.  Can't wait!  Yes, peeing my pants!  hehehe!!!
The girls worked on a art project after lunch today.  Watercolors on a pen and ink picture.  They turned out great!  I am going to have to get some frames now to hang them up.
And yes, I worked on something other than my bag last night!!!  I know it's an awful thing to admit but I had this little pattern for coasters laying around on my desk and it was screaming at me to try it.  So I did while watching Masterpiece Theater with Em last night.  David Copperfield.  Wonderful show.  We were lucky enough to watch both parts back to back.  It's a really nice Sunday night ritual we do now.  Em was not please for the past two weeks when the local PBS station was running their fund raising "stuff" (as she called it).  She really missed our movies.  Really too funny!  The coasters are really fast to work up.  I had a whole mess of them made by the time the shows were over.
Well, this wasn't terribly quick but not to long either.  So not bad, at least not for me!  hehehe!  Of to get dinner out of the oven so that I can get back to some sewing while the girls sit on the other side of the desk and work with their melty (perler) beads.  It's nice having a partner desk to use for crafting, sewing, lessons, etc.  It's HUGE!  I just have to clean it up a bit and paint it.  Just have to figure out what color.  Too much thinking!
Have a great night with whatever you do.  I will be doing more crocheting after the wee bit of sewing after dinner.  You didn't think I could stay away from yarn too long did you?  Naaaaahhh!!  :)

Toodles Noodles!!!


  1. You sure have been busy. Let's see...the shower curtain is downright perky now, the little pictures are PRECIOUS!!, the watercolors...well.. they're lovely,(my fave medium) the big teapot...fun and whimsical, David Copperfield...magical!! LOL and the coasters...can I have some?

    Great post!! Have a blessed week!!

  2. Ooooh, you're girls are so lucky! Definitely a nice touch with the ribbon!
    I'm loving you're crochet coasters, think I may try some. Think my poor little house will be totally crocheted by the end of the year!!

  3. Kar!
    You've been one busy girl while I've been sick and away from Blogland! I'm loving the new look you gave the shower curtain! I very nearly bought the same huge teacup planter at Wal~Mart myself recently. Maybe I'll go back for one!
    And I really love those coasters. I would love that pattern. Where do I get it?
    I must say though ~ my favorite project is the girls beautiful watercolors! Definitely frame them and keep them FOREVER!

  4. Oh my, you've been very productive. The curtains are absolutely fabulous! Love the splashes of color.

    Maybe one day you'll show us that craft table! :-)

  5. Love the shower curtain. Looks very cheery and works well with your cute pictures. I am not very talented on the sewing machine, but I love the sound. I can remember laying in bed as a child and hearing my mother work the sewing machine. Sweet memories. The coasters look nice. A crochet pattern? Can't wait to see the purse. I saw a cute one on Ravelry the other day. Very colorful! Have a great day! Liz