"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

07 March 2009

Soup, bowling & blankies!!! Nothing better!!

It's been a busy last couple of days around here.  School work, house work, and some fun.

Then there was the YUMMY Baked Potato  soup!  Fabulous it was!!
Now you will notice in the pic that I didn't use the cream called for in the recipe.  I used evaporated milk, which we like just the same.  Cheaper too.  Pay no attention to the carrots sitting on the cutting board.  Those are my snacks that I munch on while I am cooking.  
Too bad there isn't "smell-a-blog" available.  Is there anything better than smelling bacon, onion and celery cooking.  Can't think of any right now.  Makes one drool!  :)
Then after following the rest of the recipe as it says, you come up with a tasty treat for dinner.  Trust me, it does look better than what the picture presents.  The lighting was awful when the pic was taken.  And yes, there were left overs.  And it tasted just as super-duper as the first night.  We were all happy campers both nights.  The bowls were just about spotless when all was done.
Friday is our sporty activity day.  We go bowling must days now.  It is addictive to say the least.  And it is bad that we get a break in the cost for setting up Friday's as home school time.  Sweet! :)  The girls and I were able to talk Brendon into going with us.  He wasn't too pleased with the score of his first game.  Let's just say he wasn't pleased with Em's score of 124 (with bumpers).  He kept reminding her that she used bumpers.  His second game was better at 82.  For what ever reason he was trying to get up on the lane and try with all his might whiz the ball down the lane as fast as he could.  There were a few gutter balls on his first game.  He was not impressed.  At least on the second game he settled down and took his time and the score improved.  Everyone ended up with what we call "bowlers butt" today.  When you don't work your calf & thigh muscles much, you really feel them and the tooshie after bowling.  It was a fun afternoon and I think now the competition is on with Em and Brendon.  We will see more of him on Friday afternoons tagging along.  Hilarious!!!
There was more rippley work done last night while listening to the beloved Ipod.  Love that thing.  I seem to really get into a rhythm while listening to my music and nothing else bothering me.  There was alot of the 80's playing in my ear last night.  There were alot of flashbacks of high school during ripple time last night when certain songs came on. Like, dancing, Levi 501's, Ocean Pacific t-shirts, Doc Marten's,  Kaepa sneakers, and the movies (the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Meatballs, The Great Outdoors, etc.).  Were those the days!  Let's not mention dressing like Wham and Culture Club in the big t-shirts for school.  Don't ask!!!  I'm laughing so hard right now I could hurt myself.  At least they were fun times and the music was happy and not dark like what is out there now days.  Could you imagine being tortured with today's "stuff" while in high school?  Don't want to think about it.  No wonder kids now days have issues!

Anyhoo, below is what I have completed on the ripple.  I just noticed that there is a bit of the light color thing going on at the top.  I must break that up with some brights.  I'm not ripping anything out so I must work with what I have done.
Well, off to finish the bed sheets.  Glenn said he doesn't like it when I put the sheets back on and make the bed.  I do military corners and he said he feels like he is in a zip-loc baggie when trying to get into the bed.  I'm just trying to keep him fresh you know.  LOL!!!  Em is waiting on me to show her how to make some of the little flowers off of Lucy's blog.  The cutest little things they are.  And easy!!  Thanks again Luce for sharing your lovely little bits with us all.

Off for more fun.  Brenna has requested some reading time being she is feeling a bit down today.  A teeny bit of a cold.  So who could resist snuggling with the "Squeaker" and reading some good stories with her.  Not I.  She made my heart melt last night when I was tucking her in.  She reached up to give me another hug and said that I was the best Mommy for taking care of her while she has a cold.  And then said "thanks for loving me alot Mommy".  I'm all mush now.  That makes it all worth it, doesn't it.  I'm getting all drippy now too.

Have a super-duper to all.  Hope there will be lots of fun things happening with everyone.  Staying warm, cuddling and crochet is the name of the game here.
Toodles!!!! xxxxxxxx


  1. Ace! Somebody that has actually seen Pretty in Pink, nobody can remember hearing about it, although my best friend and I watched it about 50 times! Those were the days!!

    Love your ripple blankie, I doing hexes at the mo, obviously learnt from the talented Lucy too!

  2. Oops! I meant I'm doing hexes! Sorry!

  3. Looking good Kar...I have to make another baby blanket for another grand baby due in August. I'm thinking of doing a pastel ripple blanket. I can't post the blanket I'm making now as my DIL reads my blog.
    The soup looks good and I haven't been bowling in years. I wonder if I even know how anymore.

  4. Is that you at the bowling alley? About the only thing I do differently is I use actual baked potatoes in mine. When I do baked potatoes I always do a couple extra and then make this soup. I also make a baked potato salad that is basically a cold fully-loaded baked potato.

    You inspire me.

  5. That potato soup looks yummy! And, you're not the only one who has thought about a smell-o-blog! Just like those "scratch-and-sniff" stickers! :-) Loving the ripple too. Good work.

  6. I hope Brenna is feeling better! There is nothing better than the pure love of a child! It is no small thing to be the center of a childs universe.
    Your ripple blankie is fabulous!
    And as for zip-locking hubby in ~ mine is still plenty "FRESH" even after 25 years of marriage!!!
    I do the same thing with the sheets though and it drives Scott crazy too! We must be afraid we're going to fall out of bed if we aren't tucked in tight!

  7. Mmmmm...that soup looks so yummy!! The blanket is so cute too!!
    kari & kijsa

  8. Hi! Very pretty ripple you've got going on.

  9. The ripple is very pretty and the soup looked heavenly. Soup doesn't do well around my house full of men, which is a darned shame since I love it!

    Your blog is very cheery and when I'm a bit down I love to hit yours and Lucy's for a little pick me up!!!