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17 November 2008

Yesterday was one of those days where I seemed to have had a lot of energy to get quite a few things done.  I got up early and did all the laundry [2 loads :)], we went to the grocery store for necessities, went for a hike/walk on the greenbelt down by the river, came home and baked banana bread and made an awesome soup for dinner and knitted these hand/wrist warmers up before the girls got ready for bed.  I still have to add half thumbs to them (for my liking).  I made them from the pattern I previously posted but made a few changes like a shorter wrist area and making the upper hand area a little longer.  I'm liking them alot!   I finished Glenn's over the weekend and he had to wear them today to work.  I'll get pics of his when he gets home.  
The girls had a blast walking along the river.  They love finding new "treasures" and sights.  I was wanting to go for a good walk when we made it out there but I realized after seeing how much fun the girls were having that a good paced walk could wait another day.  Em had fun taking pictures on her own and Brenna was her model at times.  They are such hams.  It was a great day just to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and lots of people were out fishing along the river also.
Here's the little squirrel that posed for the girls as "he" was chewing on a twig with berries.
Em and Brenna posing for Mom.
One of the spots where we just sat by the river bank and listened to the water.  Love that!  One of my favorite things!

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  1. I love walking along our river. Love your wristlets. I made some and I think they could use a bit of a thumb too.