"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

22 November 2008

Remembering Happy Simple Days...

Where has the week gone. I was keeping busy with so many things
that I forgot about posting! What is this world coming too?! I finished some
wrist warmers, did some baking, painted some sweatshirts to see if I should
start an ETSY account and sell some, got Thanksgiving shopping done, etc.
I got quite a bit done, so I'm happy. :) Last night was class night. All the
girls came over and we had fun. There was alot of stitching and hooking
going on and a lot of chit chat! It was awesome just to hang out with the girls.
We are going to start meeting every other week to hang out and share projects,
and have girls night. Hopefully it will keep us on track with our projects too!
So Julie had come over early with the intention of leaving early so that she
could go out to eat with her family. After awhile, her husband texted her and
asked if she just wanted to meet them at the restaurant and she texted him back
saying something about "really into this, having fun, go without me..." yada,
yada,yada... We all cracked up that she was going to miss out on dinner just to learn that darn granny square! Hope it was worth it Julie!
She finally went home after a bit, Nancy got to a good stopping point on her sock and left and Di and I stayed right where we were parked in the living room, knitting away.  The boys came home from another hockey game and laughed at us.  We were in the same spot as when they left for the game.  Any way, Di left around 11:30 and I finally went to bed around 12.  We are all addicted to yarn, what can I say!  

This morning I get up, start laundry and realize that we may end up with rain.  That made me think of one of our walks down by the river back in October.  The girls had a blast and Brenna absolutely loved seeing Duck Weed for the first time.  She kept calling it "Duck Salad".  Cracked us up!  It's funny how the little one say things when they are 4.  Later on down 
the trail we saw some "stuff"  and she wanted to know what the green squishy stuff  was.  We told her it was algae growing on a rock by the side of the river.  She ran over to Glenn and told him that there was "allergy" growing in the river.  Too funny!  I laughed so hard I nearly hurt myself.
It was a fun day had by all.  Good memories!

So as you go about the day, think back to a day that you spent with your family and all the smiles and laughs you had.  You have to otherwise time passes too fast and your little ones are not so little anymore.

There is a sign we have hanging near our front door that a friend gave us awhile back and it is so true for our family.

"Abnormality is the normality at this locality!"  

Spend any time with my goofy bunch and you will find that to be right on the money for us!

Thanks for "reading" my ramblings today!  Have a great Day!
(PS:  please forgive how the typing layout on this post came out.  I tried out something different and it definitely did not turn out how I thought it would.  So we won't be doing this again.  I did not want to re-type everything.  thanks!)


  1. I had so much fun!! Loved it. Thanks for teaching me! you are so patient..
    i crashed when i got home last night. i was wiped out! talk soon..love that sign on your door. and the pics of the girls are too cute..talk soon, jules

  2. That's how we're getting at our Yarn Club. We can't wait for the next one. Love the photos especially the one of the girls, cute.