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05 November 2008

Busy Days and new socks!

It's been a busy few days around here since Halloween.  The weekend flew by and I don't feel like I got anything accomplished accept for knitting after the girls went to bed.  It sure is nice to have my own iPod to zone out to while knitting.  Make a big difference after a hectic day.  Monday Glenn and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary and Tuesday was Brendon's 21st birthday.  WOW!  Time flies by.  I still remember the night he was born and he stayed awake staring at everything for 6 hrs before he finally went to sleep.  And I sat there holding him and watched him the whole 6 hrs.  I better stop before I start crying or something.  I still tell him that he has been the best anniversary present I have ever gotten.  What better gift could you ask for on your 1st anniversary?  Anyway, we went out for our traditional anniv/b-day dinner, had homemade raspberry white chocolate cheesecake for Brendon's b-day when we got home and just had a great time with all of us together.

So here are the socks I finished for Em.  I'm pleased with them except for the toe area.  They look too square for me.  Hopefully they will shape better after Em wears them  a bit.  I wasn't too pleased with the yarn either.  I used Sockatta for Em's and Brenna's.  I am hoping that when I wash them they lose the stiffness that they have now.  As for an opinion right now, I'm glad the yarn was on clearance at the LYS.  I'll keep you posted as to what happens with them.
Here are the socks that I am making for myself now.  I'm liking this yarn a lot.  It's Merino Kind and it's really soft and the colors are great!  It's color #122.  I decided to make the cuff from a pattern  that I found on the web over the weekend for hand/wrist warmers.  It has a "twist" look to them and I am really liking them.  When I finish these socks I am going to make a few pair of the wrist warmers with the same pattern.  Glenn has already asked for a dark blue pair or two of them so that he can wear them while at work.  He is outside all day long and in the winter his hands take a beating in the cold.
I finally got around to taking all the Halloween decorations down today.  I was a bit sad.  I really like having my mice hanging around the house inside and out.  All the spider webs look really cool all over.  And I love seeing my sticky eyeball wreath out by the front door.  I love seeing people get grossed out by it when they touch the eyeballs.  HAHA!!  So I had to get a few Thanksgiving things out even though there is not the same amount as there is with Halloween decorations.  Just wait till Christmas!  That really brightens Brendon's day when he has to help get all the bins out of the attic and help decorate the 9ft. tree!  You do know it's a Mom's job to make their kids suffer with helping with Christmas decorations.  Makes my heart warm just thinking about it!  :)

I'll keep  you posted to how the socks turn out and I have a Cafe Press site coming and will post a link to it.  I think all you yarn lovers will love what I have done.  It's hilarious!  Cute too!  Have a great evening!


  1. Hello Kar!
    Happy Anniversary!
    Loving those socks! The patteryn is great!!
    Tomorrow is crochet time! I am excited!!

  2. Hi Kar,
    I came over from Farmer Julie's blog. She's right, you do make some beautiful things.

  3. Thanks girls! You guys are great! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Let me guess where you got the socketta! I hope you made it to, & enjoyed the open house. I was planning on being there to catch up with you a bit, but had an emergency.