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01 November 2008

Halloween!! Finally!

So Halloween started out kind of gloomy around here.  The girls actually thought it was going to be a wash out.  We had sprinkles early in the day.  Then things cleared up and they were pretty darn happy.  We finished putting out some electric pumpkins near the entry and putting out last minute creepies around the yard.  I wait to set those things out just to make sure they don't get destroyed are "lost".  It has happened before.  So sad.  Then we went in the garage to carve all our pumpkins.  We each pick a pumpkin pattern every year so that we have some pretty cool ones sitting out front.  I tried getting up off the floor afterwards and felt like I was broke in half.  Brenna asked if I was broke because of how I was standing!  I sure felt like it!  But the pumpkins turned out great!
Finally Dad made it home (after being made to work overtime!).  Everyone was rushing to get together and things were good.  We ended up having a woodland fairy and a pretty princess at our house.  They were so excited to finally be able to put their costumes on.  I wouldn't let them play with them before hand.  After this they can play dress up if they want.  A good time was had by all.  They weather was great!  No rain, 60 degrees out and no need for coats and mittens!  Lots of loot was gathered and the little goblins were tired by the time we got home.  Two of their goblins friends stopped by to say hi and check out the decorations and pumpkins.  And our mice infestation (from Martha Stewart site).  I used black fun foam sheets instead of paper so I wouldn't have to cut mice out again next year. They are all over inside and out!  Eek!! The girls loved it all.  I'm glad they had a fabulous Halloween this year!

We hope everyone had a great Halloween!


  1. your yard looks awesome..and the girls. well they are so Darling..!!

  2. The yard looks very festive! You and the family did a great job on pumpkins. You will have to look at my blog. We have the same template and similar picture at the top. :) Kashoan