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12 November 2008

New yarn!!

So I ended back at the LYS (local yarn shop) because I needed another set of needles to be able to work on the wrist warmer once I get past the cuff area.  You have to work the pattern back and forth instead of in the round so that you can make the thumb area.  Well, when I first read the pattern I thought that I would be able to get by with out the second set, but obviously I didn't have a clue about what I was "doing".  So after really thinking about what would have to be done, I made a trip to the LYS for the second set of needles.  So I will be able to continue on with the wrist warmers.  I know you were worried there for a second. ;)  While I was there, I could not pass up the 40% off sale on a couple of yarns.  The one below is Araucania Pomaire, which is a 100% pima cotton (color 15/lilac combo).  It will become a nice gift for someone I know.  It has a lot of gray, earth tones and a little "purple" color in it.  When you see it up close it is a good color for guys.  Really!  All of their yarns are gorgeous!  The colors are awesome!  I see some felted slippers for myself made with the wool yarn in the near future.
Then the other is Four Seasons from Classic Elite Yarns (color 7602/yellow daisy).  This will also become a gift for someone.  This is such a pretty, cheery little color, do you think?!  
So now it time for the wee ones to get to bed so that I can continue to work on the wrist warmers.  I'm working with a deadline you know.  I just don't know when the deadline is suppose to be.  Just soon!  haha! :)  I also found my recipe with all my changes for the sausage potato chowder.  I will post that tomorrow!  I'll have a short time of "quiet" in the house until the boys get back from The Steelheads hockey game they went too.  TaTa For Now!


  1. lovely. i heard about the sale. maybe i will pop in tomorrow. Hey, i am making an afgan! ha..big thick and it is going fast! lol..i love crocheting..it is so relaxing!

  2. is crocheting a word>???? or is it croshaed? ha..i am punchy..and tired. night.

  3. Nice colors. I don't put in the cream soup if I know my niece is going to eat it. I know there are more in the family who have it but won't admit it...stubborn if you ask me :0

  4. Ooooo, yarn! I hadn't seen the Araucania before, thanks for the link!