"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

10 November 2008

Rainy, but cozy & relaxing weekend

So by the end of the evening last night I was feeling like I really did not accomplish much of anything for the whole weekend.  Then Glenn reminded me of all the little things that were done and the happiness that went with it all.  For dinner one night my little sous chefs helped me make sausage potato chowder.  It turned out fabulous!  I will post the recipe.  I just can't remember where I placed it after making my changes to it.  Anyway, everyone has to have their own cutting board and little knife because the little sous chefs don't share work space too well anymore and we don't anyone else cutting "our" vegetables.  This chowder was so good on a damp, cool day.  I think all of it was eaten except for one bowl, which didn't last long when the "snacky" feeling started to hit some people in the house.  So this recipe will stay on our favorite list.

We even made, pumpkin bread, cinnamon pancakes to put in the freezer and homemade alfredo sauce for dinner one night.  Everyone enjoyed all the good smells in the house.  No one went hungry.
On Saturday, my friend Di came over for a short bit and we went to the yarn shop down the hill from the house.  She was looking for some little notions and a basket style bag.  I have to tell you that I was a good girl and didn't not lose control and buy everything I saw.  Matter of fact I didn't buy a thing.  I just admired all the pretty "eye candy" that was all over the store.  Very hard you know.  I thought that I would have a break down a couple of times, but kept my self together.  That darn will power!  But oh the sock yarn!  So YUMMY!  It just makes your head spin!
Sunday, I just caught up on a couple of projects that needed to be done around the house with Glenn's help.  I did a bit of knitting, not much though.  Not as much as I would have liked.  But the other projects had to be done.  Hopefully, I will be able to sit this evening and really make some progress on my socks so that I may finish them by tomorrow or Wednesday.  Cross your fingers.
So really when I look back I had a busy weekend and got a lot done and it was a happy weekend with everyone staying in and keeping cozy.  Just not a lot done in the area I would have really liked!  Don't worry my little socks, I've got you in my sights my little pretties!  You will be done in no time, even if I have to stay up late to work on you.


  1. Chowder looks yummy. I look forward to the recipes. Sometime I think I got nothing done, and then i have to think about it and I did a ton! Those little things add up!
    I finished my homework, and am practicing another. I am getting the hang of it! So much fun!!

  2. Yeah Julie!! Keep it up! We will have you doing granny squares in no time!!