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11 November 2008

My Socks!

So here are my latest socks made with the Merino Kind yarn.  I tried a new pattern for the cuff and REALLY like it.  I used it from a wrist warmer pattern I found last week and really liked how the pattern looked and had to try it.  So now I know that I will love the wrist warmers when I make them.  I don't make "pointy" toes when making my socks.  The whole toe area is done in 10 rows and that way my toes don't feel like they are being smashed together.  Hate that!  Anyway, they were worn all day and they are super soft.  Can't wait to make another pair with the other Merino Kind colors I have.  Today was a great day for wearing handmade socks being that it rained all day and they sure felt good when cozying up on the couch knitting at the end of the day. :)
So after dinner, I sat down and casted on for Glenn's wrist warmers.  He is outside all day long at his job and in the winter his hands get SO cold.  They are from the same pattern as the link above.  Just pay attention when you go to the site because there is a pattern for both men and women.  The men's has a ribbed pattern and the women's has the decorative pattern.  Glenn liked the pattern on the women's because it looks like a cable when done.  I like it best too.  I'm a little bored with the rib pattern lately.  I'm hoping this doesn't take too long and I will have the pair done by the weekend.  We'll keep you posted.  Happy knitting!
I also added a new shirt design on my Cafe Press site.  I think it's awesome.  You'll have to go look!  And don't forget, all the items are great for Christmas presents!  :)


  1. Cute!! Will go and check our your Cafe site!

  2. Oh my gosh!! Those are so funny and cute!! You are so talented!! very funny!