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10 November 2008

One New thing we can not forget about!

(Glenn and the kids 7/05, Splitrock Lighthouse, MN)
one of my favorites pics

I had a momentary lapse of insanity (which isn't unusual) and forgot to post the link for Glenn's new page.  I have been on him for so long to do something creative.  He is very creative, imaginative, funny, etc.  I think when he saw how easy it is for ME to blog and keep up a page, he took the plunge.  So yesterday he sat down and finally did it and he had fun!  It was nice to see the wheels turning in his head as he was coming up with things to put on his page.  Is been a long time and hopefully he will keep plugging away and finally do some of the projects he has always talked about.  Yeah, you could say I'm a big fan of his.  YEA GLENN!!  Bigger and better things are yet to come! :)

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  1. yay for Glenn..i went over there. i could not leave a comment. or i could but i could not figure it out. Nice pictures!
    I am going to Craft Warehouse. i have some things up my sleeves!