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23 July 2010

Lots of help...

The quilt top is coming along just peachy!  
I can't explain how wonderful it looks with all its gorgeous colors.

The girls and I are having fun putting it together.  I have given up all control on which square is next.  It's all up to the girls in that department.  All I ask is that there isn't two of the same color right next to each other.  One little helper got up bright and early yesterday morning to come sit with me and pick squares out.  By yesterday afternoon we had half of the quilt top finished already.  I know we will be done by tomorrow.  Now I just have to decided what kind of batting will be used in the quilt sandwich.  And what color to use for the binding.  Decisions.  And let's not forget the conversations about who will be using it first.  Little do they know who will be deciding that outcome.  ;)

I'm just glad we are going to have one nice day today with a break from the heat.  88f.  Can't believe I'm getting excited over that.
Oh well, here's to a FAB weekend!


  1. I can't wait to see it...I'm itching to get sewing and knitting again.

  2. Oooo,it so pretty!
    Cant wait to see it when its done.
    I would be fighting over using it first too!!!
    What a fun and memorable thing you are doing with your girls.

  3. well...the back looks great! I can't wait to see this come together!

  4. it looks great, Kar!
    I wish I could quilt!

  5. That's looks great, and sounds so fun, to have your girls involved.

  6. Oh I am really excited to see this quilt all finished. Looks wonderful so far, Kar!

  7. Looks like it is really coming along beautifully! I have some squares ready to assemble for my first foray into quilting....hopefully soon I'll take the plunge :)

  8. looking great! i've just started collecting fabric for my own quilt! (my first quilt) i couldn't be more excited!

  9. It looks so pretty! I'm really good at making quilt tops, but after that, I'm stuck! The quilting and binding are very intimidating for me.
    Your quilt will be lovely.
    Have a great day!