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28 July 2010

Almost there...

The top was finally finished yesterday afternoon.
When I came out of the craft room with it to show off, everyone stopped what they were doing and exclaimed "WOW"!!!!
I had the same reaction when I saw it all stretched out on the floor.  There was even a small jiggy jig that was done in the midst of the happiness.  In mere seconds I had to helpers going outside with the top to take pics.  This was quickly accomplished being it was so hot outside. 

I'm quite happy with the size because one (moi') can wrap up in this beauty without fear of a toe, backend, etc. hanging out to only get chilly and not having to curl up in a ball just to be covered.

Now for the batting and backing so that the big quilt sandwich can be put together.  I'm surely going to have to go to the quilt shop to ask a few most important questions for this next step.  I'm still an amateur you know.  One most make sure that something this wonderful most be done right.  Who knows, with the great success of this creation, many more may be coming in the future.  

I've got a few special orders already from my crew.
I guess I'm going to be busy.


  1. Kar, it is just beautiful! You really did a great job.

  2. Wonderful, I love that mixed colors. And yes, that is the right size to cuddle into it. Great! Will you do quilting by hand or by machine?
    Many greetings

  3. Kar, you've done it again! This is a most beautiful project. I think you'll have plenty of room to get cozy under this one. Love, Love, Love!!!

  4. Kar, it's just lovely! Can't wait to see more close up cozy pics :)

    I've warned my hubby, one of these days I'm taking up quilting! Once the wild man is a bit older, that is :)

    LOVE it!!

  5. it's absolutely beautiful, kar!!

  6. Oh,Kar!
    It is so lovely!
    What gorgous colors!

  7. This is gorgeous!!! You're going to love using it.

  8. so bright and happy, I love it!