"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

17 July 2010

Adding to my list again...

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not certifiable.

I was having one of my OCD moments today about the floors being totally disgusting.  So they had to be swept and mopped before I wigged out.  Nobody "sees" what I see and just shake their heads at me.  No outside shoes allowed in this house.  I always tell Glenn and the kids that if I wanted to walk on dirt, I would live in a tent outside.  (just to let you know, I have a small broom that I use in the tent when we go camping.)  Everyone just gets out of my way so they don't get run over with the mop.  Poor Glenn even got a phone call while working earlier informing him of how I was going to toss because of this "crisis".  Everything was much better afterwards, smelling nice and lemony.  

Well, it was better until I heard the back door continually opening and closing from the girls going in and out.  All I could "see" was the great outdoors all over my floors again.  Hmmmph!  I had to pour some ice tea and take a few deep breaths and wait for them to get sick of the heat outside, come back in and have them go over the floor again.

The other certifiable moment is that I am now cutting out hundreds of squares 
for a patchwork quilt. 
I know, I know.
What am I thinking?
Obviously I'm not.
But I just can't resist anymore after seeing this, this and this.
I've got a little over 400 cut so far with a couple hundred left to do.
Love my rotary cutter!
All from scraps from past projects.  Quite pleased about that part.
So is Glenn!

But that will have to wait until later today to finish as I must finish the last bits of work on this beauty.
Just a few more details and it will be off to the family's newest member to arrive in August.
Can't wait for him to get here!  Just wish he would be closer to give hugs to. 

Well, off to grab all my wonderfully smelling laundry of the racks outside before it gets Africa hot outside.  Can't stand the heat!  I so need to move way up north now.

I love laundry drying outside.  You get a two for one treat kind of thing going on there.
The freshest smelling laundry
And the dryer isn't running!
How can a person not get happy about all that.
I for one do not like the electric company that much to be using the dryer and the a/c all in one day.
So here's to fresh smelling clothes!
And to a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Kar, you are too funny! I am the same with the "seeing" everything on the floor, but I KNOW it will never be as clean as I want it, so I only sweep about every other day or so. I try to make the gang take their shoes off too, but they always forget and well...I don't have the energy. Your blankets are so pretty. You have a lot of patience is what you have, not OCD :)

  2. I am so with you on the no shoes policy. Lord only knows what my family walks in and then tracks it into the house.

  3. Love reading about your OCD moments! The blanket is going to be a hit. I can already tell. Starting a quilt! You are a brave soul. :-)

  4. Oh Karfee1111 I love that first quilt!!! I got an whole vintage quilt top from my mother-in-law today, and I think I am going to finish it off!! Woohoo! I have all the quilt squares pieced together for another one but never joined them! One day soon! It is sooo cute!

    Love that baby blankie! So pretty and vibrant! Of course you haven't made anything I don't love! You are just so talented!!

    Can't wait to see your quilt!! I'll be doing a post on the one I got from MIL and some of the other things she gave me! Vintage and yummy!

    Love and hugs, gal!

  5. Well....those 1's in my previous comment were suppose to be exclamation marks!!! That's what happens after using DD Mac for a week!! HA!!
    :o) Please forgive my lousy grammar, too! In too much of a hurry tonight!

  6. No shoes allowed in our home either!
    Even if the QUEEN was to visit I would have to tell her to remove her shoes! Lol
    Although, that will never happen, for sure!


  7. Well Kar first I have to say I lived up north all my life and I will take the heat over shoveling my car, out, my house out, and freezing my butt off. I survived the blizzard of 1978 do you remember hearing about it! I was in junior high school and we had 3 weeks off from school, the snow banks were as tall as our garage, they look like mountains when your a kid! I love being in Texas, love the heat, the sunshine and yes line dried clothes. I find that living here I can be more green and the produce is fabulous! Tom and I went to the Wild seeds farm, peach picking and to a winery over July 4th weekend it was so much fun!
    I will be sad when it is time to move back to Boston but on the other had we have to get our house staged to sell! We travel with work to much to keep it and we hope to retire where it doesn't snow!
    I am dieing to see that blanket for the newest member of your family, and I know what you mean about the smell of a baby!
    Kar don't let floors get ya crazy, I use to be that way and today my kids remind me of what a loon I was with mopping the floor 5 times, they are on there own now and sometimes I wish they were here dirty up my floors, building lego mansions in the living room although I don't missing stepping on them, ouch!
    Your squares look great, colorful can't wait to see the quilt. I almost bought some fabric today but I opted not to until I finish the 5 WIP's I got going here! lol

  8. Oh goodness, you should see what kind of "earth" my boys drag in all day. Yee haw! Dirt, grass, snakes.... My poor floor. :D

    That blanket is going to be incredible. I don't know how you do it! I can barely find time to sew a button on these days. Good on ya.

  9. What a beautiful baby blanket!! And such simple pleasures of drying clothes outside. I can hardly wait for the weather to change just little bit more, so all my linens can go out on the drying rack (I have the same one as you do ...smile). :o)
    Your quiting and crocheting is just beautiful!!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia