"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

30 July 2010

I feel old...

Yesterday felt like a really long day after everything there was to be done.
You know, the in-house maid service, landscape and gardening service, laundry service, the baking and dinner service, etc. that I run around here.  Just another day you know.  But even after all that non stop fun filled action, there was still more to be done.  I know, some would think what else would there be to do.  Well, some very important work I must say.

Putting the quilt together!

First the backing had to be laid out just right.
Then of course the batting and the top.

Then there was the ever important pinning in just the right places so that the masterpiece isn't totally screwed up.  Luckily I had some very enthusiastic helpers with this.

Next was trying to get one self up off the floor to admire all 300 and something pins that were just added to hold everything together, and not being able to stand straight for a few minutes.  Man did I feel old.  It felt like my spine was just waiting to jump out and run off in hopes of never, ever doing that again.  Geez!
Then it was on to the ever important rolling the work of art up in order to attempt to do the ever important quilting with the machine.  
I am told that it is very doable, even with this piece of work hanging over both edges of the dining room table.  We will see.  The sewing machine will surely be brought up and placed on the table because there is no way the machine work will be attempted downstairs on the 'desk of doom' right now.  Too much going on there.

Wish us all a lot of luck today!
One way or another I will get this done!


  1. Kar, I just can't believe you would go to all this work and effort for lil old me. (jk) Why, I am just speechless. Seriously, it's absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. i'm wishing you lots of luck and good ju-ju as you begin the quilting process!! it's seriously going to be a FABULOUS quilt!

  3. I'm impressed and can't wait to see the finished project too! I'd love to make something quilted one day. I even have a little bag of precut squares because you know how I am in fabric and craft stores... :-D

  4. that is going to be one fantastic quilt!! Gorgeous! I'm really excited because I'm learning to make my first quilt tonight =D It's going to be a "rag quilt"

  5. Oh,yeah.....now I am remembering why I havnt ever quilted!
    You need patience,time,know-how and cute little helpers!

  6. Kar, your quilt is fab-u-lous!! Just great. Good for you :)

  7. Hi Kar - Thanks for the tip about the bobbin. the problem did occur right after I wound a new one. It doesn't seem loose, but i wound another one anyways just in case. Same problem with that bobbin. I don't think I have a bobbin case (it just gets placed into the bottom) and I couldn't find any tensions screws. =( I sure hope I can figure it out soon!

  8. Woah, Kar, your quilt looks fabulous! I quilted just a small little bit but I wish you good luch with this big one! I cannot wait to see the result!

  9. Karffeee!!! Your quilt is looking so good, gal. What a gift you are giving the girls by showing them the fruits of hand that create, and letting them help. I need to let Maddy help more with certain things. I am going to begin to teach her how to sew from a pattern. She has done very basic stuff, but now I want her to be able to make some of her own clothes. It should be a blast!

    HUGS to you my friend!
    Hope your weekend has been going well so far! Now where is that maid??? ;o)

  10. Ooooh...have fun! I love machine quilting my quilts when I have the time. I can't wait to see your lovely quilt all finished!