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14 July 2010

A most wonderful day...

I must tell you from the start that I'm not too happy with some of the pics from this day.  Some are okay, others really bite.  It may be a sign that I need to get a new camera.
Oh well, let's move on.

So, up bright and early the next morning (of course) we were headed east down I-90, crossing the Veterans Memorial Bridge for a gorgeous look at Lake Coeur d'Alene.
Down towards Kingston where you turn off to head up north way back in the woods.
As with any trip we go on we are always telling the kids "look out the window because you don't know what you might see in a place you've never been before".
Well, such is true on this little adventure!
Down the road we were going, loving all the peacefulness of the mountains and river when Glenn hits the brakes and starts to back up quickly.
What in the world was he doing I thought.  He's lost his ever loving mind.
Nope.  He saw...
a baby Moose!!!!!
(not the greatest picture)
Two to be exact.  By the time I was able to hand him my camera, one walked back into the brush where you couldn't see him.  We didn't see the Mommy, but you know she was around because they were still pretty young, but as big as cows.  The girls were quietly squealing so they wouldn't scare the little guy away.  We sat there on the road for several minutes just watching the little guy wander around munching on things.  
Can you believe it!  We finally saw a real live Moose!  I'm still doing a jig when I think about it.  Everyone seems to think all the moose t-shirts, etc. that we bought the day before brought us good luck.  Glenn said it was his moose hat he was wearing that he bought the day before.  Who knows.  I'm not questioning it.  Thanks for wearing the hat is all I'm saying.

After coming down from that wonderful bit of excitement it was back down the road again.
Through the thick woods
to a most beautiful place.
It felt magical.  Like we were the only ones on earth.
After a good spray down for mosquitoes, we were off for our first adventure of the day.
I can't explain enough how beautiful this area is.
I'm so glad it's protected for us to see and enjoy.
There were lots of wild flowers to see.
Lots of HUGE ancient cedars!
Tons of foresty fungi.
And of course, many spots where one can stop and enjoy the sounds of the water rushing down the mountain side.
I was so in my spot I tell you.
It was VERY hard to leave.
We were there all to ourselves for 2 1/2hrs. before anyone else showed up to explore this area.  It was so awesome to be alone up there with no one else to bother our solitude.

After a good few miles of hiking we had to call it quits so that we could squeeze in more wonderful things into the day.
So back down the road where we saw that there was another Eagle, Id in the state.
I have never heard of anything like that before.
Two towns, same name, one state.
Believe me, this Eagle is far different from the one we live in.  Quite funny!
They have a city park though.  Very small.
And two or three houses.
Far cry from the 20,000 or so we have in our Eagle, Id.

We then stopped by and saw the Cataldo Mission on the way back towards CDA.
Absolutely beautiful!
The craftsmanship is just beyond words.
NO Nails!
It is amazing what one can do when you have limited resources and you put your mind to doing something.  We were there a good hour just looking around at all the history that surrounds you and listening to all the voice recordings through out the church from the elders of the tribe recounting their memories and history of this beautiful place.
Not enough words to describe this adventure.

After that we were looking for lunch and headed up north on state 95.
I so know where I want to move to and "retire".
Then after about an hour we see our next destination.
Lake Pend Oreille at Sanpoint.
That word was used alot on this trip let me tell you.  Along with "Oh my GOSH!".
A stop at the beach was made for the girls where they had a blast splashing around, going all crazy.
Brenna seems to think she's a pro swimmer now.  yea.
Glenn and I were told that we need to move up here so that they can go swimming all summer long and be able to play in the snow all winter.  I'll go get that winning lottery ticket right now.
I have to say that the beach in Sandpoint was my favorite over the one in Coeur d'Alene.
More peaceful.
After swimming there was a much needed stop for some yummy ice cream.
Rainbow Sherbert for Brenna.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for Em.
And Mountain Huckleberry for Glenn and I.
I was not going to be in this area and not have eaten anything made from huckleberries you know.
I didn't realize until we were getting ready to leave that we were sitting right across the street from Coldwater Creek!  Love that store!  It started in Sandpoint.  But I didn't go in because I'm waiting to lose a few more before I buy any of those pretty pieces they sell.  One must not embarrass themselves.
After a most wonderful afternoon in Sandpoint, we were headed back down the road to the hotel room for a little break.  We had to go back out in the evening though to enjoy views of Lake Coeur d'Alene with the sun setting.  The east side drive has a wonderful paved trail with sitting spots to enjoy the views.
They girls were most definite about moving up here so they could come and sit by the lake in the evenings.  I have to agree.  It was awesome!

Back to the hotel after the sun set behind the hills.
Everyone was completely tuckered out and we needed rest before getting up and heading home the next day.
This by far was our most favorite family trip yet.


  1. Just beautiful, Kar...I enjoyed coming along for the ride with you. The beach and sunset photos are my favorites.

  2. Thanks for taking me along with you today. It sounds like a wonderful trip.

  3. What a wonderful trip!! The photos are all gorgeous... makes me wish I'd been along for the ride :)

  4. Wow Kar! Sounds like a dream trip and that your special place is awesome! We vacationed in north Florida a few years in a row, and during the week you can go to this protected seashore, and be the only one at the beach for as far as your eyes can see. Just you, the sand and the waves...so incredible---the same beach now has tar splatted all around. So sad.

    Glad your trip was so wonderful! Those cedars are amazing! Would love to see something like that in person!!


  5. Wow Kar, what an awesome trip. We went out West one summer with the kids...I think we had 10 at the time. I remember Coeur d'Alene very well, we spent the night there on the way to Washington and Oregon.

  6. Hello Kar: Yes, it has been while since I last read about one of your adventures, work and research for my book that i have finally finished have kept me very busy! Girl when I so enjoy reading your post, what pops out is you have great organizational skills when you write and that I have lived in a bubble because I had no idea how beautiful Idaho was until I became a follower of your blog!

  7. what a woderful trip! great pictures!!!

    greetings from germany


  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip! Your pictures are fantastic! Really looks like it was a fun time and such a beautiful area.

  9. Looks like soooo much fun Kar! I would have loved to have gone hiking with you in those deserted and beautiful woods. That stream looked so inviting! My kind of road trip.