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20 May 2010

More trip pics...

I know y'all have been just squirming in your pants just waiting to see some more pics of our trip.
It's only been a month later.
But better late than never.  :}

Alrighty then.
You know that I went down to Texas to visit a whole group of people.
But there is one new person to the family that I just had to see.

Little Miss Alex.
Isn't see just the absolute cutest thing!
You just want to squeeze her.
She is just too cute in every possible way.
And she has a temper to match!
Man, she has some lungs when she doesn't like something
or you aren't giving her the baby food fast enough.
My sister has met her match.
No doubt!

We went out to eat that night to a FAAAAABulous cajun restaurant near downtown (no, I did not drive).  And of course we all ate too much.  Abe even convinced me to eat fried alligator.  In all the years of growing up in Texas, near Louisiana, I had never tried it.  I wasn't game at first but when the baskets came to the table, everyone was asking me to share. hehehe!!!!  It has a buttery taste, but nothing like chicken.  Not sure where some people get that from.  And the fried catfish was so darn good!!!  We were all sharing bites of all the dishes we got and all were soooooo good.

So after eating so much and then getting home late, it was off to bed for the next day.
Up early so that we could get up the road to Brenham to visit...

the Blue Bell ice cream factory!
The absolute best ice cream EVER!!!!!
I'm not biased just from growing up in Texas you know.
Too bad I can't twist their arms to open a factory way up here in Idaho.
I'm not holding my breath.
I'm still questioning why they couldn't, being it sells in Ohio.  :(
I even found my new favorite flavor...
Southern blackberry cobbler!!!
We took the tour and got ice cream afterwards.
That's where I found my new favorite flavor.
Then of course there were cheesy tourist pics taken.

(Kimmy, Abe, Alex and the girls)

This is one of the old delivery trucks that was restored in all its glory.
Too neat!
Then after shopping and getting a few little lovelies at the gift shop
it was down the road to hunt down the ever elusive...
I can never get enough of that wonderful blue color drizzled through all the green fields in that area.
That is what I want Heaven to be like.
The hill country around Brenham and Chappell Hill would be the only area I would
move back to Texas for.

And to have longhorns in the field was an extra bonus!
I was jumping around giggling.
Oh the excitement!
I know Glenn probably thought I was on something.
Blue Ice Cream!!!
There was more driving trying to soak up all the wonderful blueness that we could.
I was imagining what it would be like having a big country home right in the middle of some of the 
huge fields, enjoying all of the blue "sea" around me.
It was all too much.

Then back down the road back to Kim's so everyone could get ready to go to Julie and Mark's for dinner.  Wonderful meal and wonderful friends.
Too bad Mark's job won't bring him back to Idaho.  sniff. sniff
After another late night we were back up again the next morning getting ready for...

Disney on Ice!
It was Brenna's birthday present from Oma.
She loved it!
She thought it was so cool that she was there on her birthday.
I don't think she moved a muscle the whole time.
She made mention after the show that Aurora and Pocahontas were not in the show at all.
She didn't know why they could have all the other princesses but not them.
Aurora is her favorite.
The show was at Reliant Stadium.  And man is that place HUGE!!!  The show only took up about a 1/4 of the stadium and where we were sitting is normally the $200 seats for the football games.
I'll pass.  Cheapskate remember.
Oma bought lots of expensive souvenirs for the girls, even little Alex had to get a few things.
Then it was off for a late lunch
for the birthday girl.
Brenna thought it was very cool that she got sung to by everyone that worked at the restaurant.
One guy even yelled at everyone eating and told them that they had to sing also because Brenna had driven all the way from Idaho just to have lunch with them.  I guess one couple didn't take it seriously and he pointed them out and reminded them to sing.
Brenna thought it was all too funny!
The food was so darn awesome and the fresh made guacamole was my favorite.  I had to order a second bowl because I was having a problem sharing, again.  hehehe!!

Then back to the house for some well deserved relaxing and just hanging out with family.
Busy days I tell ya.
The girls and Kimmy had some good ole' chalk time with each other later that afternoon.
Some driveway pics and a heated game of hopscotch was had.  They couldn't remember how to "officially" play and Glenn had to look up the rules on the Ipad.  All three girls found out that they were doing it all wrong.  It was silly.
  Alex and I just sat on the sidelines and watched them make sillies of themselves.  I wasn't about to get up and break a hip or something.

The next days plans of going to the beach was a wash out because of all the rain.  But no big thing.  There was a good game of cribbage going on about lunch time.
I tell you, I would be 400lbs or more if I lived down there still.
Just waaaaay too many awesome food choices to be had.
I even ended up spilling my tea across the table, all over Kim and down into her purse.

Then it was back to Mom's, driving in a absolute down pour (a normal rain supposively).
The next few days were quiet and settled, just getting ready for the long trip home.
More on that later.
Very exciting!
Kind of.


  1. Reading this post I want August to arrive very very soon...I'll come with my family in Oregon and WA....toooooo much time....

  2. Alex is SOOOOO Cute! I do just wanna squeeze her;)
    Fried gator,eh?
    I havnt ever tried gator,but I have had fried Catfish,and MMM that is so good!
    Sounds like such a fun trip:)

  3. Ain't Texas a grand state!!! That's a comment, not a question!

    SIL and BIL would buy Blue Bell and dry ice. Pack it all in a chest and drive from here (their first stop when they lived south of Houston) to Ann Arbor, MI. The first thing out of the youngest granddaughter's mouth when she saw them was, Did you bring boo bell?

  4. hi kar,
    wonderful pictures!!!!!! little miss alex is a prettty girl.
    have a nice weekend my friend,

  5. I can't wait to be able to spend more time down there. Our son said that same thing about the restaurants...There are so many choices. I'm going to have to tell them about Willie's. Before we left I said "I'm not leaving until I have some BBQ". We found a place and it was awesome. I would love to try cajun food.

  6. Karrrrfeee!! That little Miss Alex is such a cutie patootie!! Sounds like you had a great time! And who doesn't LOVE good fried catfish??!! My hubby makes some of the BEST right here at home!!

    The girls look so cute in the wildflowers with the baby!!

    Too much going on here...more appts...but I see the light at the end of the tunnel!! WOOHOO!!
    I don't think they are going to find anything we don't already know!! God has given me so much peace!! How cool is that?

    Love you gal...have a divine week!