"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

25 May 2010

early morning hours...

I found myself in my "craft" room this morning working on my last little piece that I will be adding to the kitchen.  More on the coordinating pieces later.  
It was so peaceful to be working on something while the girls were still asleep and the whole house was quiet.  It was nice to have the blinds pulled wide open, enjoying the sunlight as it started to peek in through the windows and enjoying it's warmth on a chilly morning.  It's so weird to still have the heater kick in on a late May morning though.

Chores got done after the girls crawled out of bed.  Lessons were done.  Lunch has been eaten.
And now it's for some good ole' outside yard work while the weather is good.
Today is the only good day for it.  68, lots of sun and a light breeze.
Tomorrow the rain comes back with the cooler temps.
So today the girls and I will go out and really bust some tail at getting the jungle of the garden area tamed and plant our starter plants in there.  There even seems to be some rhubarb ready to be picked.
Then we will have to see if we have time to get some flower seeds planted while we are feeling ambitious.  I'm hoping we find the time.  There are tons of new things everyone has picked out this year. We just have to find room and the right place for them all.

I'll try to remember to take pics of all the bright, pretty colored flowers and some of the gorgeous baskets we have hanging around.  I do tend to get "lost" when working in the yard and forget about doing things other than making things look good.  It's my meditation time.
Off to have some fun!


  1. Lucky!!
    I wish I had Rhubarb!
    I have a recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream that I have been dying to try.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Your entry was sweet. I felt like a butterfly on your wall, seeing your sweet family living your life. I wish i lived some where, where the heater was still kicking on. I'm in sticky Florida. Blessings to you and take care.

  3. Loving your latest crafting project! Love the colors. :-)