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05 May 2010

Day four...

Is it just me or is the weather just plain crazy lately?  Yesterday it was so beautiful with the sun pouring in everywhere in the house.  You just couldn't go out because it was so darn windy and chilly.  I enjoyed the sun anyway.  Today gray, sprinkley, windy and cold again.  When I'm a suppose to get my garden planted?  I'm starting to wonder.

At least I have these wonderful gerbers to look at from Julie's shop.  Just the right dose of pick me up while working on some quick projects.

I think life would be perfect for me if I had bright colorful flowers along with an entire wall of south facing windows in the house.
One can dream.

Well, on to day four.

We made a trip to see the San Jacinto Monument and to spend the day with our dear friends Julie, Mark, Mary Kate and Nicholas.  I've been to the monument before, so the highlight of the day for me was to see our dear friends that we haven't seen in a few years.  I just about cried.  The kids have grown up so much and they are just too darn cute!

The kids were inseparable the whole time we were going through the monument.  Everyone wanted to take the elevator to the observation floor to see the view.  But gosh darn it, the elevator was out of service that day.  You know I was totally bummed, not.  Not a fan of heights you know.  So all was good for me.  I must admit that I gave in and was willing to go up to the top with Glenn, Julie and the rest of the crew before we found out that the elevator was "broke".

I think it was the first time I actually appreciated all the treasures and artifacts in the museum to tell the truth.  Maybe it's age but you get a real sense of what people these people back in the day to make sure they lived in a great land.  It was very interesting to remember that the Battle of San Jacinto only took 18 minutes to secure the Republic of Texas.  Brave men I tell you.

The monument is 567ft. tall and taller than the Washington Monument. The star is constructed in 3d form so that the 5 points can be seen from any angle.  

And the Texas Cordova Shellstone that the entire monument is made out of is absolutely beautiful!  Well, at least on the outside. Wouldn't that be gorgeous around a fireplace or used somewhere in building a house.

One can dream about that also.  :)

You have to walk around the entire base to read about and see the engraved panels telling of the history of Texas.  Gorgeous!  That is craftsmanship.
Makes one wonder why things like this aren't made now a days.  I've got my thoughts on that.  
I think society is lacking the passion, love for country and bravery that once was in this country and the craftsmanship that use to pour through individuals blood back in the days.

Then there is the Battleship Texas.

So truly awesome.  The only surviving ship that served in both World Wars.
Very humbling to be beside that massive boat.  Makes one appreciate our military even more, even the past years.

After all the sight seeing and catching up with one another, of course everyone was starving.  So down the road to a BBQ joint that Mark goes to frequently when he is down in this part of town (LaPorte) for work.  All I have to say is go to Tony's BBQ whenever possible!  You won't be disappointed.  It was so darn hard to decide what to eat.  I eventually picked a mixed meat plate with LOTS of fried okra on the side.  I think they thought I was weird asking for a double order.  And the loaded BBQ baked potatoes!  I took a taste of Mom's and man was it freakin' awesome!  Mary Kate and Em were inseparable again and I don't think they really tasted their food much because of all the talking they were still doing with catching up with one another.  Before we realized, the lunch crowd had long since left and we had all been sitting there chatting and eating for the longest time without noticing what time it was.  

The day had to come to an end but plans were made to go over Mark and Julie's later in the week for dinner and more catch up time.  So all was still good.  Miss those guys something terrible!

Later at home there were some serious naps being taken.  Long day and full tummies you know.

More later!


  1. Hi Kar,
    your pictures are soooooo wonderful!!!!!
    I like gerberas and yours have a wonderful color.
    Happy Mother's Day for you!!!!!!!!
    Warm hugs,