"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

26 May 2010


It was reeeeaaally hard getting out of bed this morning.  I feel like I could use a walker to get around.  I hope this isn't a sign of things to come as I get older.  

There was alot of work done to get the garden area cleared and ready for all the little vegetables.  Being gone in April didn't help.  I usually get out at that time and clean things up before a wild jungle takes hold.  And then all the crummy, cool weather didn't help a bit either.  Trust me when I say it was bad.  But the girls did an awesome job helping.  Brenna was mostly looking for worms so she could have a worm farm for pet worms.  We finally had to take her big jar away from her and save the poor things.  We started calling her Elmira (tiny tunes girl who loved pets, but they always ran away from her) because the little worms looked tortured.

There is still a bit more to do.  But one must realize when it is time to quit for the day.  We didn't even realize it was 6pm until Glenn coming around the corner of the house where the garden is.  Thank goodness for fast food because there was no way I was in the mood for making dinner.  I don't think I could have stood in the kitchen that long.

There is plenty of rhubarb to pick already, but that is waiting until after the rain stops today.
The Wiegela bush is in full bloom in the back yard.  And the fragrance is darn awesome!
Then there are the Columbines.  They are so gorgeous this year!  The colors are so intense and the blooms are so big!  They are as big as the palm of my hand.  We have had them in the yard forever and I've never seen them that big.
I have always had them in our yard because they are Colorado's state flower and they are always a gorgeous reminder of where Glenn and I met and got married.

There are lots of little violets popping up every where.  Glenn and the girls just love them.
The little pink mini roses are starting to show off.  The blooms are no bigger than your thumb.
So sweet.
We have new garden friends this year.  Brenna got the moose for her birthday and Em just had to have the "watch" sheep.
The poor little lilacs are just about gone now.  It's so sad that these wonderful little gems only stay about a month and leave.  This is about all that is left.  Even my white one and the purple w/white edges that are out front are looking a bit sad now.  I still try to get a sniff in here and there when I walk by.

Here's to a reeeeaaally slow day today.  I'm going to need it.


  1. What a pretty garden you have! I LOVE columbine. I started some from seed this year so hopefully next year they will bloom. I purchased the one you probably saw on my blog. I just had to have ONE this year :)

  2. What a beautiful garden! But I must confess the 'flower' I like the most is your daughter's moose... So cute!

  3. Kar, I really don't know how you manage to do all the things you do. Your gardens look most spectacular. I'm catching a whiff of their fragrance from here. :-)

  4. Beautiful flowers, I love your variety of Columbines!

  5. You have some really pretty flowers! I love them.