"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

15 July 2014

Early mornings, late nights...

     Since Spring we have certainly turned into people who want to be outside more than inside.  We were spoiled with such gorgeous weather for 4 months and we loved every minute of it.  Then the 1st of July hit and BAM! the heat hit us right in the face.  Stopped us dead in our tracks.  We think it's Mother Nature telling us that we have had enough of that heavenly weather and now you need to pay for so much giddiness, so much happiness.  So we have been up very early in the mornings to do periodic baking, yard work and just to sit outside in the cool air.  At least till about 8am and then someone turns the furnace back on.  Some mornings we push our luck and stay out until about 10am.  But by then we are sweating buckets.  It's a beautiful thing to see.  We hibernate inside the house until late evening when the sun starts to go down and some how in all our insanity we think that 90 degrees at 9pm is cool enough to go sit outside for about an hour.  What the heck happened to make any of us think this way.  I even started a knitting project.  Why the heck not.  It's the perfect thing to do while sweating in a heat wave.  At least I have a beautiful Goldfinch that visits the Coneflowers every morning that makes staying inside worth while.

     Over the weekend our town had its yearly Summer celebration.  Again it was way too hot for us (105) and there was no way I was going down the hill to stand around in that heat all day.  We at least left the house to go watch the fireworks display, which did not disappoint.  Two weekends in a row with fabulous fireworks.  Awesome!!!  Then it was back home to sit out on the deck to watch the moon for an hour or so.  Completely gorgeous.  So worth staying up late for.

     We woke up the other morning to learn that a passing storm that went through the mountains started nearly 20 fires just north of us.  Not something we like to hear about.  While we are not dealing with smoke down here in the valley, you can definitely tell it is in the air.  Last night we saw the familiar orange glow in the air as the sun was setting, all thanks to the smoke.  Pretty but sad at the same time.  Our beautiful mountains on fire again.  Here's hoping that the new approach to wildfires will get them out soon.  No more of letting them burn.  And there is a pretty big grass fire burning (7,000 acres) just two hours east of here.  Lots of praying that it is contained soon and it doesn't get close to the town that is nearby.

     So while we wait for the so called cool down in a few days, 92 degrees, we will consume lots of popsicles (in all their funky flavors) while sitting outside when we should really be thinking about going to sleep.  We will take what we can even if it means it will be at odd hours of the day.  I personally think we have lost our minds.  I blame it all on the heat.




  1. So summer has finally hit. I don't suppose we can appreciate the cooler days without the heat, nevertheless, it can get a bit much when it is unrelenting. Hope you find inventive ways to stay cool.
    Anne xx

  2. Even 105 degrees would be beautiful (yes, I knit during heat waves too! I think we knitters are crazy) if it weren't for the fires. I really hope they don't spread to the town. Stay safe and cool!

  3. That is hot. I imagine the humidity lingers in the valley too. We are experiencing some cooler days in the 70's. Supposed to be a summer "polar vortex". Whatever is causing it, I'm grateful for. Morning's are my favorite time of the day. Your cake looks yummy and your summer pictures are very pretty. Heather

  4. I love all of the photos. I admire you for trying to do anything in the heat. It's so draining. I've been lounging around a lot because of it. I hope the fires are contained and are put out soon. Always sad to hear about that.

  5. Such a lovely post... Those photos are all gorgeous and convey your message so well. Being in southern cal, I know exactly how you feel about fires and hopefully they will be put out soon. Glad to hear they are not just letting them burn. Take care and -try- to stay cool!