"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

01 July 2014

Keeping busy...

     It's July 1st already!  I stopped right in my tracks this morning when I realized that.  This Summer seems to be flying by.  There are mixed emotions about the days passing so fast.  Sad to think that our days of simplicity and doing whatever won't last long and quite pleased that some Summer obligations are nearly done.  Thank goodness.  

     Otherwise there have been very early mornings filled with creating.  Enjoying a new quilt in the making, finding happy little surprises right in the middle of sewing and finding the perfect fabric for the back of it.

     There has been a bit of teaching someone how to put zippers into skirts.  Apparently she thinks they are the easiest things ever.  A second skirt was just finished yesterday and a third is in the planning stages.

     There is careful consideration being given to a new bundle of fabric.  My lovely peeps gave this to me for my birthday so I want to make sure it's not used on something willy-nilly.  Something extra special must be made with it.

     There are flowers still blooming every where in the yard.  This year seems to be a great year for everything to be growing.  The weather has been very cooperative.  I can't help but smile when I see all the color throughout the yard.

     The garden is doing well so far.  I've got a second batch of rhubarb that needs to be picked.  And there seems to be lots of little goodies finally making their show, which is wonderful being last year really stunk in the veggie department here.  Nice to see all this effort is not a waste of time this year.

         There has also been more painting, even after I swore not to touch another paint can this year.  It's all good though because it was a completely spur of the moment 'I just have to do it' thing and turned out quite well.  Today there will be more cutting, sanding and painting to finish what I started.  Hopefully it turns out well.  I'm thinking that one day I will need a few more pieces added to the power tool collection to make things a wee bit easier going with these projects.





  1. The new quilt is going to be a beauty. Happy belated birthday, hope you enjoyed a nice one. I like the fabric that was gifted to you. Your garden and pretty flowers all look so healthy. Looks like you'll have an abundant harvest soon. I wonder if you've read the quilting books by Jennifer Chiaverini? I finished one and picked up a couple more when we went to the library this morning. I liked the first one I read. Take care and enjoy your day. Heather

  2. What lovely summer days you are having. Lovely creativity happening and lots of gardening goodness too. Those vegetables are looking good.
    Anne xx

  3. It felt so good to catch up on your blog. Your flowers and garden look great and the quilt in the previous post is beautiful!! I've been playing with my "new" toy. I bought a used Grace Machine Quilting frame and Pfaff Hobby 1200 Grand Quilter, they are older, a friend upgraded to a long arm quilting machine and offered her old frame and machine to me, of course I couldn't turn it down :)

  4. Kar you garden looks fantastic! Your flower photos are so beautiful and of course your crafty quilt fabrics are fab. Cute pic of the happy face too. Glad summer is going well for you guys.

  5. Love seeing the new quilt in the making. I will say that your family picked out a beautiful bundle for your birthday. The veggies look absolutely fantastic! And of course I love your flower photos. Is Glenn smiling?