"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

29 July 2014

Slowing down...

     There have been some rather slow days around these parts the last week.  All the coming and going with scheduled obligations are coming to an end this week and it is a very welcome part of the calendar.  Everyone was starting to get burned out with all the expectations, obligations and so forth.  It just got to be too much by now.

    This week was a good one.  Two days of events away from home.  All the other days have been filled with puttering around the house, doing what needed to be done and more of whatever we wanted to do.  The weather towards the end of last week was beyond perfect for Summer time here.  Cooler temps, pleasant breezes and windows open for two whole days.  It was an absolute dream.  Quilt washing was taken advantage of on both those days.  They all smelled heavenly after drying in the sun.  One person was overtaken by it all and had to sit all wrapped up in her quilt so she could sniff it and feel the warmth of it drying in the sun.  Whatever works for you.

     I finished up one project and continued to work on another.  I like working on whatever I want, whenever.  Especially outside with the weather just perfect.  It was hard getting anything accomplished with the whole knitting thing while outside though.  Flowers are blooming and the bees are all over them.  I'm so glad we planted more plants and flowers this year that attract the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  It's so peaceful to sit and watch them all doing their own thing.  Seeing all the different kinds of bees has been exciting for us.  Baby bees, honey bees, bumble bees and even green bees come around everyday gathering all the pollen they can.  I sometimes wonder how they can fly with all that pollen loading down their legs.

     Reading has been accomplished during the slower days also.  I even sat and read a book in one afternoon that was checked out for the girls.  I just adore books like Brambly Hedge with all the cute stories and the adorable pictures.  Such a wonderful imaginary place.  The afternoon made even more pleasurable by sitting out back watching and listening to all the bird friends we have this year.  Completing the afternoon with glasses of iced tea and my most favorite of summer snacks, fresh tomato, onion, cucumber salad.  There is just no match to fresh grown veggies and being able to pick something off the vine and munch on it immediately.  Perfect.

     Now I just wait for the last day of scheduled busyness to pass tomorrow and hopefully more days like these last few will be ahead of us.




  1. I like a slower pace myself. I haven't heard of that book before and when I googled it a whole bunch popped up. I'll have to look for them at the library. Even though my son is 8 (almost 9), I still read to him at bedtime. Your runner turned out great (I'm guessing that was the log cabin quilt project you were working on?). It looks nice on your table with the white accent pieces. Enjoy your days, Heather

  2. Slowing down in perfect summer weather is so enjoyable and I love that your daughter wrapped herself up in her quilt to smell that good old fashioned outdoor smell of line dried washing. I loved hearing about all the bees too.
    Anne xx

  3. I love Brambly Hedge, that is my kind of book to read :)

    Love all your pretty quilted projects. I am enjoying slowing down a bit too, summer starts getting so overwhelming for me that I need to stop.

  4. You know I find myself smiling while I read your posts. I love hearing about all the summery goodness, the family time, and all that. Your kids will have great memories.

    p.s. I think wrapping up in a freshly washed quilt, even on a sunny day is fantastic!

  5. Oh she does look comfy there :) I'm with you on eating from the garden,we have something everyday and I'm going to be so sad when the garden is done producing.

  6. Your pictures tell the story of those perfect lazy summer days. Beautiful.

  7. Your blog post are always a reminder to me to appreciate all the world's simple pleasures. I've been entertaining family this week. I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit and cozying up on the couch with my quilt.