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06 May 2011

Back home...

A quick trip back to Minnesota was made due to a medical condition with Glenn's father.  After things were quickly planned and packed we were headed down the road.  Early start you know because that's just how it happens with us you know.  By mid morning we were near coming up to Targhee Pass and I was getting a little nervous about seeing all those clouds covering up the Grand Tetons off on the side.
 But as quick as you blink, the clouds started to clear and the dear ole' sun showed it's self.
 All the roads were dry and clear thankfully.  But we were quite surprised to see how much snow was covering things in West Yellowstone.  There wasn't much parking to be had in town at all.
 After a quick fill-up we were headed toward the Gallatin River Valley until to be stopped by some wonderful creatures that were munching on anything they could find thanks to the melting snow.  It was hard not to miss them being there were signs every where telling of their presence ahead.
 After a few minutes of watching, we were back on track down through the valley heading for Bozeman.
 Then near the end of the valley, brakes were being hit and a quick turn around was made just so we could see a mommy and baby moose sitting in the snow.  I'm beginning to think Glenn has this thing with spotting moose because no one else saw them sitting there.  Good thing we have Glenn.
 After a nights stop in Billings we started early again so that we could make Fargo the next afternoon to stay at one of Glenn's brothers place.  Then a couple of days spent with Grandpa before his surgery.  Then down to another uncles house in Alexandria so we could be closer to the hospital where Grandpa would be in St. Cloud.  Things went tremendously well for him and he was out of the hospital sooner than the doctors thought.  I must make mention that this has been the one and only time in this man's life that he has ever been in the hospital for anything.  Amazing.

So after we made sure all was well with Glenn's father, we started getting things ready to head home.  Little would we know that we would go through an earthquake in Alexandria before heading home.  Nothing serious, 3.1 is all.  But an earthquake none the less.  And then after only 5 hours into the trip back home, we were forced off the interstate because of a BLIZZARD!!!!  Didn't see that coming.  Especially since we had been checking and re-checking all the forecasts for all the areas along the way back home.  A little snow in the northern part of North Dakota.  Yeah right.  Little snow my eye.  So after getting one of the few remaining rooms in Bismarck, we went out for food, snacks, etc. and hunkered down for the night.

The next morning we started out when the interstate was opened.  It was a slow go with all the compacted snow and ice all over the roads.  Lots of people were off the road in the deep snow banks.  There was even one big rig who thought it would be a good idea to pass us by going over all the compacted snow and ice and nearly lost control.  When I saw the truck bouncing and swerving next to us it was all I could do just to close my eyes, hold my breath and not make things worse for Glenn.  What a bunch of morons.  Yeah, that's the idiot in front of us.
 There were lots of big rigs that had slid of the road on the off ramps and were blocking the ramp completely because each end of the truck was stuck in the snow banks.  It was quite a welcome sight to cross the state line into Montana and to have dry, clear roads to drive on after 3 hours of stressful driving.
 The decision was made not the stop at another hotel for the night.  Mid afternoon found us back near West Yellowstone.
 There were a few jaywalkers cutting across the highway.  But of course we didn't mind.  Brenna was concerned that they should be taught that roads are dangerous though.
 Past the east end of town a baby bison was spotted by the road so we had to stop and watch for a few minutes since there was no traffic coming.
Then down the road a few miles we crossed the state line into Idaho.  Lots of squeals and cheering was going on even with the realization that we had about 6 more hours till home.  No one cared because just being back in Idaho, we were home.  So just after 11pm, we pull up in the drive way.  I opened the door to the house only to go running out to the front yard to check on all the blooms that I thought I would miss while gone.  I was so glad to see that they waited for me to get home to enjoy them.

I was up early the next morning just so I could see all the brightly colored blooms in the morning light.

It's good to be back home.


  1. Welcome home! We have missed you.

  2. Wow -- that countryside is absolutely beautiful. But a blizzard in April/May? That doesn't seem right. Welcome home to you and I'm glad all went well.

  3. WOW! Snow-capped mountains, blizzards and earthquakes, and bison roaming the streets. Quite an eventful trip. Glad to hear your father in law is doing well. And glad to have you back!

  4. Sorry to hear about Glens father..I hope he's doing better. Our son is in North Dakota and had some bad weather recently. I'm glad you got home safely.
    Happy "belated" Mothers day to you!