"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

10 May 2011

Spring time friends...

My Mother's Day ended up being quite enjoyable.
Breakfast was made for me, though I did not eat it in bed.  I don't do the eating in bed thing.  Ick.
Dinner was also made for me.  Homemade spaghetti.  YUM!!
And while all of this was going on I was camping out in the craft room cutting lots of little squares for a new project.  It was quite nice to be doing my own little thing since I wasn't allowed in the kitchen that day.  So very nice I must say.
 A few moments were taken to go see our spring time friends that come a visit for a few weeks each year.  The girls really look forward to seeing them and making sure there are plenty of snacks to eat.

 The little friends would come up near the craft room window and just sit amongst the flowers.
 I kept checking on them to see how their accommodations were.  One must be a gracious hostess and make sure they have enough bread, water and quiet places to nap.  Every once in a while there would be little pecks on the window just to let us know they were still there.  A few times there were even knocks on the front door, almost as if they just wanted us to come out to say hi.  They would only take a few steps back when we opened the door and sit back down.  Too cute.
 After all the bird watching that was going on, I was able to manage a couple of little gifts for Connor.  Too many distractions going on that day.  Sweet distractions at least.
Maybe today I can get many more made.
If I'm not distracted by our spring time friends.


  1. Don't tell me that those are you girls??? What happened over the winter, Kar? They have grown SOOO much.

    I'm glad you had such a carefree and fun Mother's Day. Sounds perfect and thanks for the pictures of your springtime visitors. What terrific hosts you are -- no wonder they come back all the time. I would too!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. You sure did a lot of cutting for your new project. I look forward to watching it unfold. And I love those quilted bibs. Too lovely!

  3. What a peaceful Mothers Day you had!
    I am Sooooo jealous of your duckies,,,I love duckies!
    We have ducks in our canel,but whenever I get within 500 feet they fly away.
    And no matter how much I run after them,screaming that I want to feed them bread and be their friend,they still fly away;)

  4. How cute! I'd like to have a duck or two roaming the garden. I wonder if they are as destructive to the plants as my chickens are? NO chickens in the garden!! They terrorize it with their scratching. Your little baby bibs are darling.

  5. Your lawn and garden look so lush -- I can see why your feathered friends like visiting!

  6. I love your visitors! My sister in law used to live on the New York Canal in Boise and they had the same sort of visitors every spring. They put their nest under the deck right outside their door in the backyard. Do yours nest in the yard?