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24 May 2011

Little Man's quilt...

With 3 weeks to go, Em finished the quilt she was working on for Connor.  

She did an awesome job on it.  Her first quilt from following a pattern. 
She's definitely hooked now.  
Connor now has a HUGE supply of blankets to keep him warm.
At least for his first year.  :)
There are more plans for some more quilts from her, but she's got a couple of other little gifts she has on her to-do list that are priority.
Then she is talking about making a quilt to display at the fair!
Can't wait for that to be finished.


  1. That is awesome!!! You did a beautiful job Em.

  2. Wow! When I am a grown up I want to be like you, Em! Indeed, it is an awesome job. Congratulations!!

  3. What a great job! Connor is going to love it and I'm sure he will always treasure it. I think it's great you plan to make one for the fair.

  4. Beautifully done! :o)
    Way to go! Best wishes at the fair.
    Sincerely, Trish
    ps. I was curious if you had a preference for yarn to crochet with? Do you use cotton?

  5. Em, this is awesome! What a wonderful gift to be treasured, i'm sure he will love it. I see lots of snuggles.

  6. Way to Go,Em!
    I am in my mid-twenties and dont even know how to start making a quilt!
    It looks super awesome, and I am a little jealous of Conner:)

  7. What a lovely quilt! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog.


  8. Wow, I am so impressed. Quilting is HARD! Way to go Em. Obviously talent has been passed down :)

  9. What a beautiful quilt! Babies and quilts are made for each other!

  10. Wow, that's fantastic! I love the piecing on the back--I think an interesting quilt back is half the fun, don't you? Well done, Em!

  11. Another quilter has officially joined the ranks. And what a masterpiece she's created. Nice job.

    -- Jodi (blogger troubles still)