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17 April 2011

Creative delays...

The girls and I finally started to get our crafty, creative groove going again.

A little one trying hand sewing for the very first time.
 The Christmas quilt was completed!
Nearly hurt myself dancing all around the house.
A big thanks to Glenn for help with the photo shoot.
What would I do without him.  Don't want to know.  :)

 Em completed a wee little quilt which she is very proud of.
I must say she did a very fine job for the very first one.
The cutest mushroom fabric on the back.
 And lots of squares of her favorite scraps that were just lying around.
 Then there was a wee break taken so we could celebrate someones 7th a wee bit early.
The birthday candles magically disappeared and some desperate improvising took place.
Big sis made the birthday cake all by herself.  She is becoming quite the little baker around here.
So after all of that, an unexpected blogging break will be taken as we will be whisked away to a family member who needs us to be by their side.

So until then, take care and keep finding happiness around you.
Pics will be shared when I return.


  1. hooray, great quilts! have a safe trip...

  2. Could I borrow Big Sis for a while? She seems pretty handy to have around.

    Both quilts are lovely. You're so talented, Kar.

  3. Lovely quilts, Kar! So happy you were able to finish yours :) Wishing you well on your trip!

  4. Yay, the Christmas Quilt is complete! I'm doing a little jig for you too as I sit in my computer chair.

    Em has done a fantastic job. I remember my first big project. Happy times. Birthday wishes to the littlest one who's growing up so fast. Be safe and chat when you return.

  5. All of the above is lovely, but Kar that Christmas quilt is fantastic! I love it.

  6. Big ups on the quilt. I've been watching my girlfriend curse at hers for the past 2 months...


  7. Well you certainly got your groove on didn't you! I love it and i love the Christmas quilt, both quilts are beautiful. Lots of goodness i see indeed. I hope you have a safe trip and am looking forward to your pics when you return.

  8. Lovely quilts....A whole family full of quilters. You will stay warm and cozy for many a year. I hope all is well with your family member. Take care.

  9. Beautiful, I so love quilts. I need double the time I have. I keep planning all these things I will do when my degree is finished early next year :)

  10. Pretty, pretty quilts! How fun to have some little sewing buddies.
    I hope your Easter was wonderful!

  11. Hi Kar! Hope everything is ok! Praying for you and missing you, gal!
    Love n hugs,