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04 April 2011

Spring has sprung...

I've been trying to keep my focus on happy things around here lately.  All of the brightly colored tulips are helping as much as possible with that task.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather a few days ago and the girls and I just could not resist going out in the yard to spruce things up a bit and throw out more seeds for our enjoyment later in the season.

The bright red miniature tulips have to be my favorite blooms every year to see after the crocuses.  There is just something about those blooms who are no bigger than your thumb that just make me smile.  I'm so glad I have them in front of my craft room so I can see them every time I walk in there.
 I'm a bit excited to see how the new blooms turn out from planting them last fall in the new flower bed.  I was very deliberate in picking out late spring bloomers so that I would have more color in the yard for just a bit longer than usual.  I'm not rushing them to bloom but it's hard to see how they all turn out.  I'm just glad to see that they are actually growing.  I even got excited to see that the peonies were sprouting.  Crossing my fingers for blooms on those this year.
 More bulbs and seeds were planted in the backyard.  Why should the front yard get all the glory?  I love ranunculus, so there were boxes of those bulbs planted.  I'm so glad that Julie introduced me to them.  The girls picked out the rest.  It's their yard also so they must have some say when it comes to what grows in the yard.  I do coax just a wee bit.  Not much.
 Then there was a trip made to the store to get seeds and a starter kit.  I thought 72 little peat pots would be enough.  Apparently not with my gang.  I'm starting to wonder how big this year garden is really going to be now that my three "gardeners" are talking about getting at least 2 or 3 more kits!  I don't recall living on acreage the last time I stepped outside.
 So besides trying to keep busy with all the springy, growing wonderfulness I have been working here and there on a new blanket.  It's made up of stash yarn that was sitting in the craft room patiently waiting on me to decide what to do with it.  So out came all the springy colors that remind me of all the blooms that will be in the yard soon.

At least when I'm working on this I'm not thinking about the darn sewing machine.  Which by the way I'm still waiting on a part that I was told on the phone was in stock but by some chance now it's backordered maybe until the end of April or middle of May.  I'm waiting a few more days to see if a couple of other places may have the part I'm looking for.  If that doesn't work out I'm seriously thinking about getting a new machine and taking the other to the scrap yard and seeing if I can at least get anything from the metal that is in it.  It's that heavy.  The Christmas quilt sits quietly crumpled up in a corner waiting to see what it's outcome will be.  With it being 3/4 of the way quilted it's just so darn frustrating just seeing it lay there.  I've made a firm deadline for the end of the week to decide on a new machine or not.  A girl has got to put her foot down and draw a line in the sand over these kind of issues you know.  Otherwise things could just get a little ugly.  :)

I'm thinking some more crochet time is in order for the day after I get homemade pot pies going for dinner.  Nothing like comfort food, yarn and spring blooms to make one feel better about a frustrating situation.


  1. Crochet, flowers and good food. Sounds so springly good. All will be good in the end ;o)
    Many greetings

  2. Oh my goodness I am SO JEALOUS of your lovely blooms! We still have several feet of persistant snow where I am, but I am ever hopeful. Your blanket is lovely!

  3. Sounds like a dream! Tell your girls that the more kits they start, the more maintenance there is. lol Your flowers are just wonderful.

    The blanket is coming along nicely. Very pretty colors. I'd like to see what really happens to the machine. Probably the day you get rid of it, the part will come in. Go figure.

  4. Sorry your machine is still on the fritz but sounds like you have lots of good stuff going on over there anyways. Love those tulips and all your seed packets, so fun! Ranaculus are my favorite flower! The blanket looks so cute and cozy, love those happy spring colors. May your thumb be green and your projects many this season. Have a great week Kar

  5. I'm so happy my Crocus and Jonquils are blooming! My small red Tulips are out too. Must be because we are nearly within tossing distance of one another. Do you have the Star Flowers? If not, try them for next year....so nice to have the purple, lavender, and white little flowers sprinkled amongst the other bulbs.

    Now I just need to belatedly get some Iris out of the beds. Need any?

    Hope your sewing machine gets fixed up!

  6. I know it's going to be a blanket, but that so reminds me of the rag rugs my cousin made. That was a loooong time ago.

  7. Your little tulips are precious! :o)
    And what pretty flowers you will have growing!!
    Your crochet blanket is coming along beautifully. I too am using scrap yarn to make a blanket, but I like your pattern so much better. :o) I am making rows of three, if enough yarn for that color. :o)
    I am sorry to hear about your machine still out, I hope you can sew soon!!
    Have a nice week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  8. Your tulip blooms are so beautiful!!

  9. Kar, I hope you are well. It looks so pretty at your house. I am impatient when it comes to my flowers too. I just want COLOR!! Take care.

  10. So sorry about your sewing machine! I know how frustrating that is. Seriously, if mine breaks again, I'm putting it out to pasture! Good luck with all your plantings :)

  11. Hi Kar! My you have been a busy little bee! Wanna come down and help me with my gardening??? I sure could use it! Don't seem to have time for anything lately!!
    Love that blanket! Always love the cheerful colors you choose!!
    Have a happy Thursday!
    Love ya,

  12. Your new afghan is GORGEOUS. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Now, I want to make one like that. I'm always so inspired by what comes off your hook.

  13. sorry about the machine, but that crochet just makes me super happy. so many great colors in one place!