"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

07 April 2011


I must be absolutely honest when it comes to this whole sewing machine 'fiasco'.  I've not handled it well.  I  let it drag me completely down for the simple fact that I can't stand starting something and not being able to finish it.  You don't know how it bugs me to see the Christmas quilt just sitting there waiting to be completed so that I can move on to others.  I have been making calls every where trying to find the part I need, which has been a very frustrating 'adventure' to say the least.  From "we have it in stock." and then get a call hours later stating that "oh we were wrong." to "we can order it but it's on back order from the company until the end of May.".  Seriously!  Do these people not understand the dire situation that is happening around here.  I need it NOW!  Yesterday I finally get a call back from someone saying that they have found the part and it will be shipped out to me on Monday.  I'm not holding my breath at this point.  I will just hang in there and see what happens on Monday.  I had begun to wonder if all this trouble and disappointment was really worth it for a machine that was over 10yrs old.

Then steps in Glenn.  My sweet dear husband.  He had a day off during the week the other day and made up this plan to get me out of the house and do some running around for the day.  I should have known something was up because he is not one to go shopping unless there is something he absolutely has to have and can't live without.  But I suspected nothing due to the fact that he and the girls planned on stopping at their favorite old bookstore while we were out.  Then after lunch, looking at books, a little window shopping, we headed in the direction of home.  But a detour happened after he exclaimed "Hey, you needed a few things from the store didn't you?".  So to the store we went.  Yes, Walmart.  Not my favorite place but I wasn't protesting that day.  So through the store we went just looking at your normal things you need at home stuff.  But as we were walking by the craft area Glenn stopped and asked the lady if they had sewing machines.  I obviously gave him a curious little look.  Around the corner we went following the lady to where the machines were sitting.  Glenn asked her if any of the models had the drop feed feature on them and after she gave him a look like "what do you know about that?" he looked over the display model, the box and then exclaimed "this is the one!" and put it in the cart.  Yeah, I was shocked.  After asking why we were getting it he told me because he could not stand to see me so down about the whole machine issue and he wanted to see me happy again.  I just about melted.

As I have said before, he is going nowhere.
All mine and a definite keeper.
Even after 24 yrs.

So here is my new machine.  I diligently went through the manual yesterday because I did not want to screw anything up with this one.  I know it's not "top of the line".  You know over $1000.  But it's mine and it can do the free motion quilting.  I did have to order the optional foot in order to do that but that is okay.  I know it's coming.  I've been watching the package online, moving quickly my way.  Don't you just love those tracking numbers!  I tried out the straight stitching at least and WOW is it quiet!  Dreamy you know.  It's not fancy.  But as long as it let's me do what I want to do, I'm happy.  And Glenn went out of his way to get it for me which makes it even better.

So if the above mentioned part for the older machine makes it's way here, all the better I guess. Mixed feeling at this point.  According to the ladies at the quilt shop that is on Glenn's route, every quilter needs a few machines at their disposal just in case situations like this happen.  I think they were a little disappointed when Glenn didn't buy one of the fancy schmancy ones from them.  I think he would have been in big trouble from me if he would have spent that much on a machine.  There would have to be some serious explaining for that.
As I most patiently wait for my new quilting foot to make it here, I am giving verbal advice to Em as she works on a quilt for a special little person in the family.  I must say I'm quite pleased with her taking on a pattern (Little Man) in the book I bought a few months ago.  She is excited, I'm excited for her.  It's just going great.
 She just keeps plugging along, happily piecing everything together.  As of this moment she is finished with the block pieces and needs to place the border strips on the top.
 Someone asked me "why don't you just use the machine Em is using?".  Two reasons.
1.  That machine doesn't have the drop feed feature to be able to do free motion quilting.
2.  I could not even think about tossing Em off that machine while she is working so diligently on her special quilt.

What kind of Mom would I be to do that to her?
Never ever.

So I wait and contemplate over what to do with this wonderful jelly roll of  'Oh Cherry Oh' that Brenna picked out a couple of months ago.  I have some ideas from which to pick from.  And it will be completed as soon as I finish the Christmas quilt.
A little one is working on her masterpiece.
The other is creating a quilt.
I will go and sit myself down with the springy yarn stash and keep myself busy now that I'm starting to get out of the "funk".
Which I must say takes a bit of effort while seeing the skies all grey out, the rain falling and them temps barely in the 40's today.  Does anyone know where Spring is?  It definitely isn't around here.  There are record snows falling in the mountains, avalanches happening up there.  I'm not calling for roasty tempsby any means, just a tad warmer, 60's with a little sun.  That's all.


  1. I can absolutely see why you would not trade Glenn in for an other model. What an angel!!! Definitely a keeper. Ken did the same thing for me a while back only I didn't need a fancy one. I just wanted one that would do the basics as I can't sit very long anymore anyway. My DIL borrowed it a year ago and I haven't seen it since. We will be at her house on Saturday and it's my intention to pick it up from her. I miss having it when I want it. Tuck your other one in the closet and save it for a "rainy day."

  2. How wonderful! He is certainly a keeper!! I actually looked at that machine before I got my Baby Lock. I am sure it will do you just fine. Happy Sewing!!

  3. How blessed are YOU?! Wow, what a guy :)

  4. Oh what a gorgeous man to do that for you. Happy sewing and......I hope spring finds its way to you very soon.
    Anne xx

  5. I am so happy for you!! :o)
    You have the sweetest husband to look after you like that. :o) And I can't wait to see your Christmas quilt when done. :o)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  6. aw, hooray for a new machine! i recall being shocked by how quiet my new one is compared to the machine gun sound of my old one.

    i wish you many great hours of creativity!

  7. He's a keep for sure :) Congrats on getting a new machine. You sound like me when things happen I get so down in the dumps no-one around me can stand it. I'm glad he put a smile back on your face.

  8. I think ran into road construction, took the wrong detour, and isn't going to make it to the party on time. I am sick of this weather,too. I so want spring flowers and my garden. We've got the baby chicks and lambs. In fact, my baby chicks aren't babies any more, but it is too cold outside for them.

    My machine can do free motion quilting, but I haven't tried it. I shouldn't be such a big chicken!

  9. Holy cow what a wonderful and thoughful man you have girl! What a awesome surprise, happy sewing Karin cant wait to see what you crank out with this beauty!

  10. You're a good mom. No doubt about it. I can't wait to see what comes of that Moda fabric. Yummy.

  11. How wonderful! That you can quilt, that you have a new machine, and that you have an attentive and thoughtful hubby. Lucky and blessed!

    My new machine went wonkers on me until I FINALLy figured out the little tab you push to the right was for FABRIC, from thin to thick, rather than for the length of the stitches! ;o) Duh. I am a senior, ya know. Could operate those old Singers like no bodies business, but take a bit for the new ones!