"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

13 October 2009

Pure enjoyment...

This past weekend was pretty darn awesome, as far as I was concerned. I think everyone else in the house had the same thought also.

There was a whole mess of pancakes made up to put in the freezer. That way whenever someone just absolutely needed one, all they had to do was nuke it.
There was a wee little snowman pancake made by accident. He wasn't in existence very long. The girls had to slice him in half and taste him. Wonderful, huh?!
Then there were banana chocolate chip muffins to be made. We couldn't let the last two bananas go to waste and be doomed for the trash! All courtesy of the girls. They are getting pretty good at mixing yummy things up to enjoy.
Then there was a very pleasant trip down to the river to see how the Fall colors were coming along. There were lots of ducks to watch.
Stops that just had to be made so wee ones could just watch and listen to the river.
Following the path along its many twisty turns just to see what was ahead.

More duck watching and being ever so quiet so they wouldn't flap away to a new spot on the river.
Noticing that a few trees were trying their very best to put on their Fall color. I just love the "chartreuse" color the trees turn right before their full splendor comes out.
A few moments taken to hear the music of the water rushing over the rocks. This sound always settles my soul. As usual, there was some catching up for me to do since the rest of the crew had their fill before me and headed down the path.
Wonderful little "Halloween" caterpillars were to be found along the path. Everyone had to watch where they were stepping because if one was on the path, it was rescued from the foreseen doom that was ahead for them, and carefully placed along the side where all the delicious leaves were.
More gorgeous color making its show. And then some wishing that large sums of money would come our way so that we could enjoy one of the homes that were so wonderfully near the river and this most pleasant little path. One can dream!
Then to come to a quiet spot in the river that one never gets to see in the spring and summer. The water flows are so high that you almost never get to see all of the wonderful rocks! And yes, there were two little people who were trying their best to find a good spot to cross and go to the island of rocks. But even with the water flow being lower, it was too deep to wade across.
Then there were wonderful times of knitting to be had. This sweater is going along nicely, much more so than the last. I'm so loving the colors in this yarn also. There is one little wee one who keeps coming by every so often to check on the progress and to see how the colors are working together. I'm trying ever so hard to get it done because then it will be off to make a wee little sweater that some great yarn was for and then on to my sweater. I had to adjust the sweater list just a tiny bit. More on that later.
And lastly, a new card game the girls and I picked up. It's pretty fun! Whenever there seemed to be a lull with things over the weekend, there was a quick game of keeping the moose out of your house. Do you honestly think a game featuring Moose would have been passed up by this bunch? I didn't think so!

Well, the rain didn't come before the PE group today. Yes, I was secretly hoping. And apparently there were a few other parents that were doing the same! :) It did show up half way through all the activities and you should have seen the kids running for cover! Well, some weren't. But now that we are back home there is some yummy soup on the stove for supper just waiting for dear ole' Dad to get home. Nothing like a good warm bowl of soup with cheesy bread on a cool, damp, rainy day. Next on the list though, while waiting for soup, is a warm shower, comfy sweatpants and shirt, extra large comfy blanket to wrap up in while sitting on the couch and working on a sweater. Let's not forget the hot chocolate! What's wrong with me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, FAB day tomorrow! It will be grand here with it raining all day. Nothing like keeping warm under a blankie, and working on projects after schoolwork is done. Wonderful!!!!


  1. Oh my, I loooooove wooly caterpillars!!! I remember collecting them and trying to keep them alive as a child. How fun! Okay, so, I love pancakes, but mine never look that good, whats the secret? :)

  2. A joyful good morning greeting to you, Karfee!!! I really mean it when I say I miss you when I haven't had time to visit!! Man...it seems like weeks to me!

    OH I just LOVE Em's sweater!! It is awesome!! I'm a size xtra large...I'm just sayin'...;o)

    I SO want to come walk that river with you!! What a delight for the senses!! And all that rock is something else!! Just so serene and pretty!

    Love your pumpkin photo in the header!! Too cute!!

    Hope you have a delightful day, my friend!! Me and hubby had a wonderful trip I just haven't had time to post about it yet!! And I'm off and running this morning, too! Maybe later today!

    Love and hugs to you!!

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend!!
    Love the sweaters, the colors are fab!!
    Looks like the walk along the river was wonderful. I love doing things like that!! Glad you had a fun Moose card game to play during those lulls...lol!!

    The muffins look good but, well let me just say... I LOVE PANCAKES!!

  4. Yummy pancakes! I make waffles to freeze. If you get into that...don't forget chocolate waffles...with pecans...just like brownies! Take out of the freezer...pop in the toaster...top with a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Hmmm...Making myself hungry. Catchya later!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend. I love pancakes and they don't go to waste (but do go to waist) around here. I like them even cold.

    Loved all the autumn pictures. It's a lovely time of the year but doesn't last long enough, does it?

  6. Kar, leave it to you to introduce me to something new - freezing homemade pancakes. I never thought of that, but it's such a genius idea for a person like me who is always in a rush in the mornings. Always.

    I love the pictures and the lovely orange jackets. Maybe I could fit Em's. ;-)

    The sweater is coming along nicely and the soup and bread sound absolutely delicious. Cheeeeesy bread, um... I had spicy chicken soup tonight.