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02 October 2009

A wee bit of slowing down...

Like I promised, here are the yarn choices that have been made around here lately. I'm having some anxious moments looking at them, just itching to get my hands all over them to start on my sweaters. But I have to finish the girls' sweaters first. What kind of mom would I be if I threw their stuff to the side? Awful thought, so I will be patient and continue on so that my girls will still love me. :)

Now to the business at hand. The first here is the Alchemy yarn I picked out. It got lovely shades of red, brown, and orange in it. Because the total "rofus" in me took over while I was winding them, I threw the labels away and can not remember the color name. I know, issues. But to be honest with you, I'm not sure that this color is still made being that the owner of the yarn shop probably bought this yarn a couple of years ago when she "over bought" with every yarn she touched. So I was only able to find a bag of 10 skeins with this color but needed 11 for the sweater. So with the help of my wonderful wee ones, we found a all brown skein that matched the brown in the variegated yarn and I will be mixing that in periodically when making the sweater. The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple (#241). I absolutely love these patterns! They are VERY easy to understand and they are knit from the top down. No seaming!!! Even more awesome!! I'm thinking the variegated yarn is going to look awesome with this pattern. I'm drooling!
Last but not least, the two colors that I picked out Tuesday night while at the yarn shop. I have used Ella Rae before and I love it. I used a variegated color before for a cardi sweater I made with a KP&S pattern and it turned out great. The best part is that this yarn is washable and I don't ever have to worry about "shrinking" anything that I make with it. I picked out two colors (lt. olive & red) so that I can make two sweaters (#244). Of course one green and one red. I'm not mixing the two. Although one day I want to buy a bunch of yummy colors of Ella Rae and make a striped pullover out of them. These colors were a bit different for me to pick out being that past choices for sweaters have been VERY fall colored with browns, dark colors, etc. mixed in. I wanted to pick something that would look nice in the fall but still be able to wear all winter and then into the spring with a wonderful burst of color. I'm liking them. And again, not sure if these colors are readily available anymore either. Getting a little anxious about these also!

So those are the yarns and projects that are sitting patiently for me to get the girls' projects finished. I finished the 2nd sleeve for Em's and am now halfway done with the hood. Next is just putting everything together and add the the finishing edge. Finally!!! Did I mention before how I'm not a big fan of these patterns anymore. Anyhoo...

Off for our baking lessons today. I'm totally throwing caution the wind and changing things up a bit today. The girls are totally in charge. I'm just sitting back and supervising. And hopefully I won't wig out if little messes are made. I'll have to sit back and work on the hood while the girls work. The cookie menu for today is:

Chocolate Chip Cookies
White Chocolate, Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
(didn't have any raisins)
Yummy cookies and YUMMO Baked Potato Soup for dinner!!!!
What else could you ask for on a cool fall day!! I'm loving it while running around in my new sweats, long sleeve shirt and slippers. I might break out in a jig if I'm not careful! :) And we are suppose to have rain this weekend! And there is hockey to be watched also! I'm dying here!!!

Have I mentioned before about how much I REALLY LOVE FALL!!! ? Wasn't sure. :)

So this is the start of a laid back, slow weekend for these parts. I'm so needing it still. I'm going to do a little re-thinking about what really is important around here and get that back on track. Some how things got off track within the last couple of weeks and I am not a happy camper about it all. It's all about not letting outside influences get in the way of how you and the family want things to be and sticking to your guns. So...

Hope everyone has a SuPeR FaBuLoSo weekend in your parts. It's going to be here. And I'm going to make sure of it, one way or another! :)

Toodles Noodles!!!


  1. I do love autumn too!! The most beautiful season - and totally harmless: not hot, not cold, no allergies. ;-)

    I have lots of unfinished projects: a bag, some clothes, a vintage beadspread, a baby afghan. I have made a promise to myself, not starting another one until I finish at least two of them. But some cool patterns are tempting me...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Karfee!!! Been a busy day here, and may be a busy weekend, too. Sigh. I have so many projects to work on and DH has some he needs help with...so...mine wait. All good things come to them that wait, right??

    Love how excited you get about your yarn! I used to get that way about cross stitching...haven't gotten back into it, but am working up to it. HA!

    Had backyard burgers for dinner that were divine! EI'm sure you enjoyed your soup!

    How did the cookie day go?? I'm sure it was a blast!!
    Have a delightful weekend, and sit out back and knit!!
    Love ya,
    Becky Oh yeah, email...how lovely that you asked!!


  3. Kar, you have such lovely yarns here and I know that now you have laid out the patterns and yarns for your project, it will give you more fuel to finish up the girl's sweaters. I know they will be lovely. And I too am a fan of this season! (Plus, I want my hour back!) :-D

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love that autumn coloured yarn!


  5. I love the yarn too! Gorgeous colors and great patterns you picked! I also LOVE your banner - it's wonderful!!!